221      9    2    04:14
This one, ahh...this one pings at your third eye to wake up. To know itself. To probe the ID and escape the patterns that hold you back. The low end pulses ensure that you pull the layers of sleep away to reveal true consciousness...
143      8    0    08:50
Under water, in the air, tiny signals drift across the mind as the tones awaken an ancient knowledge from within...
53      4    0    10:24
Angelic voices, bells, and pads to keep you centered whilst you find your inner being...
595      24    1    08:20
Bring your mind out of your body, into the astral plain. Open it, discovering your true self and eliminating all self doubt and creating a beautiful masterpiece of your life...
536      30    3    10:36
Find yourself in a void, drifting, without thought or time, and just be one with the universe...
401      8    2    03:12
Caves, underground lairs, fortresses. Fun places to explore, and even better when you have a soundtrack in your head to keep you moving and motivated. Drop this into a side scroller or into a zelda-like overhead exploration game and you'll see exactly what I mean ;)
355      8    2    03:30
Running, running, running! You want a mild panic / anxiety attack? Is the boss rapidly approaching your flank? This is the anthem that gets your blood pumping, your nerves shot, and...well, just keep running!
374      6    0    02:21
In the pipes, under the rocks, in the dirt - wherever you find your little dude going, this is the soundtrack to his 8-bit adventures. This adventurer, he's a bit dirty, and he's got an agenda. It's to remove as much stuff to clear a path to the goodies as...
357      5    3    03:52
Up in the clouds, bouncing from platform to platform, running from pesky low-resolution minions, with an eerie overtone on the wind, and a playful tune throughout. Has a bunch of little things happening here...
498      26    6    02:53
Kind of a heartbeat suppressed in a factory whining in the dark cold of an industrial Winter. Yeah, that's kind of what I was going for here ;)
303      6    2    02:24
Patterned industrial sounds and movements, with ambient overtones and spookiness.
207      9    3    03:46
Very raw, industrial sounds, crackling, machines, just nasty :)
647      38    9    02:22
Drones and banging on pipes - this kind of thing will give you a panic attack, but also add a TON of nuance and mood to a project.
423      20    4    02:36
Alarm-sounding patches and movement w/a simple piano line over the time. What better way to build tension when a blood-soaked antagonist is rapidly approaching?!
202      3    1    03:46
Hunting for weapons - only FASTER! Now 20 bpm faster!