By Tim Kulig one year ago 7570 views
one year ago
I finished uploading the batch of Nature Sounds I did - 16 total tracks. Too many to publish 2 at a time, so please explore my catalog on here if you need some F/X and background beds. (use the F/X filter in your search to isolate!)

2 more Synthwave tunes uploaded, some of my favorite ones from this album. Gotta say, I'm going to revisit that genre - I'd forgotten how much I liked the sound of that era and those synths!

Tone will shift a bit in a few weeks - going to go in an intro and corporate direction for a bit, then might take a stab at polka! (or Metal Polka!?). We'll see...

Oh, and the picture here - I've got another round of binaural beats - gamma waves to be exact. Read an article recently that suggested this particular beat set breaks up cranial plaques in some patients? Can't speak to the science, but I like experimenting with the sounds. I'll have both meditative and raw versions for your use.

So much to do...