89      1    0    02:10
A somber, dirge-like fugue performed by an octet of solo woodwinds and solo brass.
225      1    0    01:12
A short, light-hearted track that starts steampunk, then goes punk.
309      6    1    01:40
A simple melancholic melody first played by the cello section serves as the basis for a loose four-part orchestral canon.
386      12    2    03:15
A Sci-fi ambient track inspired by Stephen King's first written book, the dystopian Sci-Fi novel entitled "The Long Walk" (first published under the pseudonym, Richard Bachman). "In a dystopian America, a major source of entertainment is the Long Walk, in which one hundred teenage boys walk without rest along U.S....
355      9    5    03:43
An aggressive, energetic Latin jazz salsa number, featuring soprano sax and electric guitar on the melody and solos. The supporting ensemble consists of tenor sax, trombone, alto sax, piano, electric bass, drums and Latin percussion.
386      16    3    01:32
A slow, sorrowful, polyphonic dirge for string trio (cello, viola, and violin).
432      17    6    01:05
A tense, mysterious one-minute suspense cue for two violins and synths.
505      17    6    02:15
A cool but edgy nocturne for jazz trio (tenor sax, electric piano, and upright bass).
469      18    3    01:15
An uptempo fugue in a minor key for brass quartet (2 trumpets, French horn, and trombone).
473      10    4    02:09
An electronic Sci-fi piece, in which successive melodic layers are added on top of a recurring bass line.
465      8    3    01:13
A short, uplifting piece for solo trumpet and string orchestra.
371      10    5    01:19
From the dark, dream-like musings of a Spanish guitar to a fierce, electric-guitar driven cha cha, this track enacts a traveler’s eponymous "Waking Up In Mexico City".
451      17    3    03:22
A dark, intense piece for full orchestra. Structured A-B-A', where the A sections are slow and dramatic, and the B section is a full-blown symphonic fugue. The piece was originally composed to be played in the background to the following spoken voice excerpt from my symphonic monologue, "Vox Nihili: The...
516      12    4    01:16
Electronic percussion and synths combine to capture the mystery and suspense of following Lewis Carroll's White Rabbit into Wonderland.
634      32    8    02:39
Mystery and melancholy, as evoked by an augmented orchestra, are the main currents of this ambient portrayal of the eponymous Ruins of Holyrood.