714      22    2    02:18
A hard-driving salsa/Latin jazz instrumental.
677      14    2    00:45
A short, hard-core, bebop two-part invention for solo piano/keyboard. This piece wouldn't exist except for the huge influence of Thelonious Monk (to whom the piece is dedicated) and J. S. Bach.
881      23    5    02:04
The first minute and four seconds is based on the chord changes of the introduction of a famous salsa song (El Gran Varón), here used as the basis of a plaintive guitar-driven nocturne. The second half of the track is a minute of instrumental salsa.
760      25    3    02:46
A slightly melancholic solo guitar is eventually joined by a rustic flute in the first part of the track. Following the bridge, a solo female vocal enters. The lyrics are from a public domain poem by Emily Dickinson. South Winds jostle them; Bumblebees come, Hover, hesitate, Drink, and are gone....
730      16    1    02:24
Against a brooding, electronic backdrop, a lone tenor sax wails in the night. The track is a remix and remaster of the first part of the track, "Ex Machina", from my royalty free album, Experiments in Green.
732      34    7    02:39
For the first minute and 39 seconds, the track has a dreamy, relaxed vibe of sailing on calm waters. At the 1:40 mark, a joyous burst of Latin music celebrates the arrival to the port of San Juan.
675      16    4    00:48
A down-tempo, bluesy, Thelonious Monk-inspired, three-voice jazz fugue for solo piano/keyboard.
842      44    13    03:36
A string orchestra performs a melancholic portrait of Shakespeare's Ophelia.
585      11    4    03:43
An eclectic mixture of Middle Eastern music, Latin music, Jazz, Ambient music, and the spoken word poetry of Emily Dickinson. The lyrics are in the public domain and are as follows: I took my Power in my Hand And went against the World. 'Twas not so much as David had...
718      35    8    00:58
A bluesy, medium-tempo, polyphonic jazz prelude for solo piano/keyboard.
948      65    9    01:04
An aggressive, one-minute "descarga Cubana" (Cuban jam), featuring acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, percussion, piano, and—in place of the Cuban tres—a mandolin.
494      13    0    02:25
A somber, melancholic four-voice fugue, tempo Adagio, for solo piano/keyboard.
721      45    9    01:49
An eclectic jazz track, beginning with a tenor sax and acoustic bass duet. Eventually the rest of the rhythm section enters, followed by a female vocal part that sings a brief public domain poem by Emily Dickinson. Lyrics: "It's such a little thing to weep, So short a thing to...
740      28    12    03:16
A cinematic dark jazz track featuring tenor sax, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, drums, and, later, alto sax.
669      17    8    02:21
A somber song for guitars, synths and female vocal. Lyrics are from a poem by Emily Dickinson and are in the Public Domain. Lyrics: To pile like Thunder to its close Then crumble grand away While Everything created hid This would be Poetry Or Love the two coeval come We...