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WinnieTheMoog by TaigaSoundProd.
Hey everyone!!! I am currently creating a youtube channel for my tracks - https://www.youtube.com/@tspmu....

And what was my surprise when I uploaded my track https://filmmusic.io/song/6033... and got copyright infringement.

This track has over 4,000 downloads and I'm shocked that someone would so brazenly steal.

I'm in the process of resolving this issue with HAWWK.

Writing music is always a lot of hard work. When you are open to the world and people and share your music with them for free, moments like this are very painful.

No one should misappropriate someone else's intellectual property. It's always a violation of rights. It will always come to light. And it kills musicians and their desire to create music.

Such a nice first post from me:)
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You are so underrated! I love your music so much for my videos! (I mainly use your indie drive song, which is for my montages.)
Your music is great! And you are a very nice, helpful and decent person. Thank you
Love your music!
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Great music! Keep it up....
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Love your music
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Great Music!
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love all your music :)
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love all your music :)
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Amazing music! Best composer on this site
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I love all your music :)
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