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Dear users,

I've decided to make a change to how music registered in YouTube's Content ID System is presented on From now on, tracks registered in this system will only be found if you explicitly search for them. Here's why:

Music under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0) is meant to be freely used with proper attribution. When such music is registered with YouTube's Content ID, it often flags videos even if the creators have attributed correctly. This can lead to unexpected penalties, like demonetization or copyright strikes.

Additionally, CC BY 4.0 music in the YouTube Content ID System is actually not permitted. See here:

I believe in the integrity and promise of the CC BY 4.0 license. Therefore, by sidelining tracks in the Content ID system, I aim to protect you from any unforeseen issues and to ensure that you can trust the music you source from

Thank you for understanding and continuing to make amazing content with the music you find here.

Warm regards,
Sascha Ende

I extended the search options with some new filters:

Other changes:

- At the front page, new music now onlys show CC BY 4.0 music that is free.
- Same for the categories Genres, Topics, Moods and Charts
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Long desired, finally here: Now you can copy the credits for all songs from a playlist at once and paste them into your project. Try it with your own playlists:
Consider a donation if you like my work:
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I removed the chaos: Editing Playlists is much easier now.
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Some minor changes:

- I added an easy captcha to registration and password forgot pages
- I made some minor enhancements to the design (icons on input fields)
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The settings for Youtube Content ID can now be made by each artist themselves. If not all songs but only individual songs are affected, this check mark can also be set only for individual songs: For each song there is now the possibility to activate Youtube Content ID individually.
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Artists now get realtime notifications for plays, downloads and likes.
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I added "People who downloaded this song, also downloaded..." on the song pages. Interesting results....
Example here:
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I am working on a real time chat... here you can meet for when there is something to discuss. I will add new features from time to time. Private chats are on the todo list. You can find the chat via My Account -> Chat, or directly here:
Some mini updates:

1. in stories and comments, strings that are too long are automatically wrapped.
2. for security reasons only links to certain pages (which are relevant for a music page) are provided with a clickable link. For other links, only the text is displayed.
The download window now contains all social media links of the artist. Have fun with this.
I added "Following" to the profiles.
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A long desired feature is now available: Artists can send invoices to customers directly from their account.

Just go to your Sales Manager and Click on "Write & send invoice" on a sale.

I hope this makes your life a little easier.
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I have programmed notifications here now a bit more comofortable:

1. you don't have to refresh the web page anymore. If you have new messages, this is automatically displayed in the upper right corner.
2. if you have new messages, you will see this now also in the browser tab as a number. For example, the title will say "(3) Dashboard", which means that you have three new messages.
3. if you click on "Mark all as read", the display on the web page will also be updated automatically.
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