What happened?

We're addressing an issue concerning YouTube's claim that FilmMusic.io violates their policies on spam, deceptive practices, and fraud. We vehemently disagree with this unfounded allegation and have sought legal counsel to counter it. FilmMusic.io, a trusted platform used by educational institutions and individuals, has been wrongly implicated. YouTube's claim, mistaken or not, has caused unnecessary confusion by implying the site is fraudulent. We are actively working on this issue and will provide prompt updates on our information page as developments occur.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Sascha Ende

Dedicated information regarding youtube

Official statement of google regarding Filmmusic.io (click here)

A user sent this to me about a minute ago. I do not know how the user found this link. This is the first time google has officially commented on this issue. https://support.google.com/you...

Open questions:
- Has it really been fixed? I don't trust Youtube anymore after the last weeks.
- In the forwarded emails, all sorts of links to filmmusic.io (also music tracks) were warned by Yotube, not just the license link. Has that also been fixed? The statement only talks about license links.
- What guarantee is there that this will not happen again?

Even if google now officially admits this after a few weeks, it unfortunately does not change the fact that a lot of damage has been done: Be it costs, my time, the reputation of the site or even the confusion and fear on the part of all users.

Honestly, google, why did it take so long? And the most important question: How can something like this happen at all, that an automated system gets out of hand in such an uncontrolled way?

And the most important question for me: Why is there no competent contact person to solve such things fast? Youtube support was not even able to answer a request from my lawyer.
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29/29 - One Step Closer to Court

On August 17, my lawyer sent a final cease and desist letter to google - by email and by registered mail. The answer came from google by email on the same day. You can tell that it's either a standard response or just no one really bothered with it. You get the feeling that they don't care if they get sued.

Here is the answer from google:


If you feel that your channel has been wrongly removed,
you can read in this help article about how to file a complaint
File a complaint against the blocking.

Best regards
The YouTube team

I was firmly expecting such a nonsensical answer again. However, a cease and desist letter was necessary to go to court.
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28/29 - A status

Small interim status:
The lawyer was on vacation last week. Currently, there is no urgency in the matter. He is currently in the process of preparing the lawsuit.
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27/29 - I need a break

I'm going to take a few days off from here and be available again starting Monday. I really need to start taking care of other things again.

Greetings, Sascha
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26/29 - What happens next?

Since Youtube's problem seems to be solved for the time being and I also haven't received any more emails from users since yesterday evening, I discussed the following with my lawyer: We will not apply for the preliminary injunction, but the lawsuit will be filed as planned.
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25/29 - Youtube is going completely crazy: Youtube now even classifies websites of government institutions as fraud

Things are starting to get crazy. Youtube now even classifies websites of government institutions as fraud :D
Source: https://twitter.com/ghidraninj...

https://ghidra-sre.org/ -- A software reverse engineering (SRE) suite of tools developed by NSA's Research Directorate in support of the Cybersecurity mission

Ghidra on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghidra

Would the NSA perhaps like to join my lawsuit against google/youtube? Then we could save a bit of costs.
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24/29 - Donations by artists, thank you

Some artists donated to the project Filmmusic today within their means. Thank you very much <3

200 Eur by Alexander Nakarada and Kevin MacLeod
50 Eur by Kalak
10 Eur by Frank Schröter
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23/29 - Final corrections to my draft tomorrow

I have a meeting with my attorney tomorrow for final corrections to my draft. Then I hope that as soon as possible the injunction against Youtube/google goes out and the lawsuit is started.

By the way, even today I was forwarded emails that Youtube sent TODAY. Thank you for forwarding me the emails.
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22/29 - The reason why you get an error screen when appealing

Here it is: The explanation why the link for an appeal in Youtube's emails almost never works.

One user had direct contact with Youtube Partner Support. This case also confirms that Youtube has made mistakes and admits them (upon request).

There really does seem to be a battle going on here between "bot out of bounds" and employees who are "straightening everything out". Is this the future that artificial intelligence is supposed to bring us? Has the battle against AI already begun behind the scenes at YouTube?

Imagine you find yourself imprisoned at the slightest suspicion from an AI, and you only get out if you prove your innocence. Isn't it usually the case that one is presumed innocent until proven guilty? Thanks to AI, this paradigm is now being flipped.

YouTube essentially considers you guilty first, only to say later: Oh, sorry, actually not.
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21/29 - Almost 6 hours of work for the first draft

After almost 6 hours of work I have finished a 25 page document which is necessary for the filing of an injunction and the lawsuit. What an unnecessary work. Actually I had planned to work on new songs after the vacation - somehow nothing came of it until now.

Anyway, thanks for all your emails, this was extremely helpful for the evidence.

I'm curious how it will go on now, it doesn't happen every day that a small man sues a big company like google.

Here is a summary from chatGPT of my work today:


In the document, the author asserts that YouTube is unjustifiably removing links to their website, filmmusic.io, from the platform. This removal of links, in the author's opinion, forces users of their music to potentially infringe on the terms of the CC BY 4.0 License, as they can no longer comply by providing the required attributions to the music and the license.

The author contends that YouTube's actions are damaging to their business and reputation, as the removal of links and misrepresentations result in considerable harm to their company and good standing. Moreover, it also affects the authors of the music published on the website, as the CC BY 4.0 License provides exposure for these authors by making the music accessible to other users. These actions by YouTube, therefore, significantly reduce this promotional effect, leading to a loss of revenue for the authors.

Furthermore, YouTube's behavior has considerable long-term impacts on the trust of users in the author's website. By misrepresenting the website and removing links to it, it becomes more challenging for users to utilize music from the site in the future. This not only has immediate impacts on the author's business but also harms their future business prospects and the growth of their website.

The author also mentions instances where users who received a pattern email from YouTube and lodged an immediate protest, in some cases, quickly received confirmation from YouTube that the links to the website did not violate their community guidelines. This points towards faulty automated decision-making on YouTube's part. Additionally, the link to lodge a protest, included in YouTube's emails, often led to an error page, denying users the chance to lodge their protest.

There have even been cases where a user's YouTube channel was automatically deleted after linking to filmmusic.io. After the affected user lodged a protest, the channel was restored, and YouTube admitted that no breach of their guidelines had occurred, further pointing to YouTube's mistaken judgments and inappropriate actions against users of the website and the website itself.

The author notes a significant decrease in downloads, plays, and other statistical values on their website by up to 50% following these emails and actions from YouTube. They also had to spend considerable time and resources to find temporary solutions and mitigate the impacts of YouTube's damaging actions, which greatly increased their workload and resulted in less time for regular business activities.

The author also points out that YouTube operates its own "YouTube Audio Library" and does not rule out that these actions by YouTube may be an attempt to eliminate or reduce competition.

In conclusion, given the reasons and evidence provided, the author demands an injunction against YouTube to stop the false representation of their website and allow users to set links to their website, filmmusic.io, in accordance with the terms of the CC BY 4.0 License.
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20/29 - Legal steps against GOOGLE/Youtube are now being initiated

I had a phone conversation with my lawyer that lasted almost an hour. In consultation with my lawyer, we will obtain a temporary injunction against Youtube and simultaneously initiate legal proceedings. I will have to lay out the costs first and they will be several thousand euros, and I will also demand compensation. If I win, I will not have to bear these costs, of course.
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19/29 - The last answer last week from Youtube to my lawyer

This is the ridiculous last answer my lawyer got from Youtube. You get the feeling that there are only bots working everywhere.
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18/29 - The team is a bot

This is how Youtube works. All automated!
Interesting: https://transparencyreport.goo...

It's not a "Team", it's a bot.
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17/29 - Temporary change of attribution for Youtube users

I made some temporary changes to the download window. F*** Youtube.
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16/29 - I do not trust GOOGLE anymore

I don't trust GOOGLE anymore. Also, how can you trust a company that arbitrarily deletes content? That's why I have removed all GOOGLE services from this website:

1. google Analytics (almost never looked in anyway).
2. recaptcha (doesn't matter here)
3. google Adsense (for 1,50 Eur daily I don't allow google advertising here anymore)

Another small advantage: Since I don't include any external services anymore, the annoying cookie banner is also gone. The site is also now much faster for everyone. I will find a new solution to finance this site - even if it's only the donations.

It may also not be a bad idea in general to dissolve all dependencies prior to any pending lawsuit.
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15/29 - Massive financial damage and loss of advertising revenue

Financial damage: Loss of advertising revenue since the first Youtube emails were sent. I have marked in yellow when the first emails were reported to me. In the last few days, the ad revenue was only a paltry 1-2 euros per day. If the trend continues, it will not be possible without donations to continue to operate this website without me having to pay something privately.

Downloads and plays on this website also have dropped about 50-70%.
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14/29 - EMA Motorbikers story

EMA Motorbiker has appealed with reference to this page and Youtube has admitted the mistake. In this case was one of the few who did not get an error displayed and could appeal.

Links to screenshots: Screenshot 1 and Screenshot 2

Van: YouTube <no-reply@youtube.com>
Date: zo 30 jul. 2023 07:14
Subject: 📣 YouTube heeft je content verwijderd
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@Sascha That didn't take long. I'm cleared! Lol.
(Original e-mail forwarded to youtube@filmmusic.io
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13/29 - The world of lies on Reddit

It is insane. On Reddit some poeple write that I would steal music from other artists like Kevin MacLeod: https://www.reddit.com/r/youtube/comments/1590ep6/comment/jtxo6t9/?context=3

The (sad?) truth is: Kevin MacLeod earns more money monthly through Filmmusic.io than I have only through advertising revenue here to finance the whole website. Kevin MacLeod gets 100% of his earnings and does not have to give anything to Filmmusic - like every artist: https://filmmusic.io/artist/ap...

Hey, but that's okay. It was always my goal to offer small artists a platform where they can offer their music with 100% self-determination. Did you know that artists on other sites like Audiojungle have to give up to 60% of their earnings?

Why I am doing this? Because this is not a for-profit website, this website is just my hobby - not my job. I do not live off this website and never intend to. I am a programmer in the automotive industry and just have fun with music - and fun when others have fun with it.

The whole situation with Youtube is really pissing me off more and more every day. I guarantee that I will sue Youtube next week for all this stress - and if I have to spend all the rest of the money on the Filmmusic account for it: It's worth it to me when a big company simply has no regard for content creators.
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12/29 - Youtube admits mistake: Swaggy Shane is back

After Swaggy Shane's channel was blocked because of links to Filmmusic.io, see: https://filmmusic.io/u/SaschaE...

... he has appealed to Youtube. Here is the email from Youtube as a screenshot. Youtube confirmed (as always) that it was a mistake by Youtube.

Swggy Shane's channel was indeed blocked and is now available again: https://www.youtube.com/channe...

The whole situation is slowly becoming almost unsurpassable in terms of absurdity.
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11/29 - The first time: Youtube channel of a user deleted

It is ridiculous and unbelievable at the same time. A first user, who already received an email in advance on 2.5 July because of a link to Filmmusic, now tells me that his channel (with 1 video and 2 shorts) has been deleted from Youtube. The user has appealed and will keep me updated on any news.
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10/29 - There is no end to the nonsense

I still get emails from users - especially emails that were sent from Youtube just today. Also Youtube is complaining about EVERY link to filmmusic.io, not only the link to the license. This is despite the fact that my lawyer has already advised Youtube to refrain from doing so. I have a meeting with my lawyer on Monday and it looks like I will be filing a lawsuit.

I will keep you posted on how much the fun will cost.
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9/29 - Youtube is still sending emails

I got this email some minutes ago. Seems that Youtube is still sending emails. Youtube, it's time to get sued?
I posted this on Twitter to the Youtube Team now: https://twitter.com/JonUmKi/st...

If you are also still getting emails after 27 of july, forward the original email to:

Thank you.
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8/29 - Special thanks to the donors

To get the problem out of the way as quickly as possible, I had to call in a lawyer who specializes in YouTube and media. Thanks to the donations the lawyer cost me only 10,79 Euro instead of 309,50 Euro. Many thanks to all donors.

List of donors:

100 Eur by EMA Motorbiker - https://m.youtube.com/channel/...
51.64 by Anonymous
50 Eur by Andre - http://blog.kreitlein.de/
20.87 by Anonymous
20 by Barb - https://www.youtube.com/@homea...
20 by Ehrendieter - https://www.ehrendieter.de/
10.61 by Anonymous
10 by CatG
10 by Luis Scholl
5.49 by Anonymous
298.61 of 309.40

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7/29 - Youtube Support on Twitter is aware of the problems

6/29 - Thank you for all your help

Thank you for forwarding me all your mails. I get them all. Please understand that I cannot respond to all of them. But every single email helps and is important if it really goes to court.
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5/29 - Forward the Youtube emails to me

More evidence would be helpful: You can help me in this law case by forwarding the email you received from Youtube to the email address youtube@filmmusic.io
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4/29 - The first letter to Youtube

I would also like to thank you for the numerous donations which make this legal venture a little less risky for me. Yesterday my lawyer wrote a letter directly to Youtube, which went out by email, fax and registered mail to Youtube. Here is the version translated into English by Deepl.com. He has set a deadline until tonight. I am curious. Click here for the large version of the image: https://cdn.filmmusic.io/stora...

There was meanwhile today a standard response from Youtube to my lawyer with the following content:

We have received your YouTube complaint and forwarded it for review. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Yours sincerely
The YouTube Legal Support Team"
10 2 11429

3/29 - I have hired a lawyer against Youtube

Since the first messages from users regarding problems with links to Filmmusic.io already came to me a few weeks ago and this has increased massively today, I have now instructed a media lawyer to write to Youtube and ask them to refrain from this "business-damaging behavior". The costs will amount to about 200-300 euros for me for the time being.

I'll probably never see the money again, but I don't think big companies like Youtube treat us users like test objects in a big experimental box. Therefore, I could not reconcile it with my conscience to simply accept such behavior on the part of Youtube.
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2/29 - Youtube admits mistakes

One user managed to appeal the email from Youtube - after all, in most cases this was no longer possible. Youtube admits in this email that it is a mistake. The answer in this case was in German.
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1/29 - There are problems with copyright information in the Youtube description texts

You got an email from youtube? Currently many users (yes, me too) receive an email with the content from this screenshot ⬇️. As far as I know, this seems to be a mistake, because neither the link nor the video is deleted. Also, the link to appeal leads to an error page. This email from Youtube also has no consequences for your channel. Youtube just really messed up again.

Unfortunately, I can not do much here, because there is just as little contact for me at Youtube as for most of the rest of humanity. And Youtube support is as helpful as a conversation with a chimpanzee in the zoo.


1. Youtube does not delete the link
2. Youtube also does not delete your video
3. This email from Youtube seems to have no consequences at all
4. The link to the Standard license ( https://filmmusic.io/standard-... ) is neither a scam nor a fraud. Linking to the license used has been common practice on the Internet for many decades and is also required for Creative Commons licenses according to the license terms.

If there is a lawyer here who feels like helping me and suing Youtube for this nonsensical email - just write me. The insinuation that this link would lead to a fraudulent site is really an impertinence.

Anyway: For now I have removed the link to the license from the "copy and paste" texts.
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