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Usage of the music

Yes, the music is free, also for commercial purposes - IF YOU MAKE ATTRIBUTION. On our platform you will only find Standard License music published under a license that allows commercial use. The only condition for the use is that you make attributon - more information can be found in each download window.

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Make attribution. You can find more information for each song in each download window.

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All information about the respective license and a text for Copy&Paste can be found for each song in the download window. Example:

Cinematic Suspense Series Episode 004 by Sascha Ende

If you use two songs in your project, you have to do a copyright attribution twice, even if it is the same artist, here's an example:

Cinematic Suspense Series Episode 004 by Sascha Ende

4bit Games by Sascha Ende

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You have to contact the artists and get a special license and agreement.

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The question can be answered very easily: Where everyone who consumes your project sees it.

Some common examples...


YouTube and Vimeo credits can be placed in the video description or in the video itself.


On your profile page, add a "Music" section to place the credits. We have created a special page with even more information about streaming here:

Video Games

Most commonly, credits are placed on a "Credits" screen found in the settings menu.

Live Production

Credits should be placed in the program for the production. If no program exists, a voice announcement can be made.


Credits should be placed in the credits portion of the film, either before or after the main film section.

Podcast/Audio Production

Credits should be voiced - usually at the end of the production.

TV/Radio Ads

It is more common to purchase an extended license, but credits may be shown visually in the production, or done as a voice-over in audio-only media.

Music on Hold

It is more common to purchase an extended license, but it is possible to record a voice-over for each piece of music used.

Background Music

It is more common to purchase an extended license, but credits may be posted in a public area of the retail space.

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Yes, the use is basically allowed for everyone, even for commercial purposes, if the author is mentioned. You can find more information about each song in the download window.

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No. At least you shouldn't get clues like that. If you still get hints from Youtube, you have to appeal to Youtube and send a link to the original song of this page.

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The conditions for use and a text for copy&paste can be found in every download window. The Standard License license is also linked there.

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Yes, editing and adjusting the music to your movie is of course allowed, such as looping, change speed, fade in or fade out, talk to a speaker or adjust volume. 
If you want to know more details about the license conditions, you can read them here Standard License

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Yes, if you make attribution anywhere. You will find a solution :)

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No, and this is not planned either. If you want to play the chords, we recommend

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We ask for your understanding that it is not possible for a service like to offer free music and also to check thousands of videos every day. You will find enough information on this website about how to name the author.

We can't give individual free legal advice for specific cases, so if you have further questions about your project or if the conditions are not clear enough, you should consult a lawyer. The conditions for the use of an audio file can be found in the download window of each song before downloading it.

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Yes, if you make attribution anywhere. You will find a solution :)

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Credits must be placed so that a person with reasonable effort can find out about the music. How this is done can vary quite a lot in different media.

Things that must be included:

  • Name of the artist.
  • The name of the piece(s).
  • A link to the source of the music (web site)
  • The license you are using (a link to the license).

Here are some examples of how to do this on Twitch or other live streaming services...

1. Add a "music" page to your profile

On your profile page, add a "Music" section.

Eightbit by Lilo Sound

Rise Phoenix by Mikael Hellman

[List of all the pieces of music on the playlist]

This will cover all the requirements!

2. Add an overlay to your video

If you don't want to add all of this to your profile page, you can put up a link as an overlay on the screen which goes to a page where you have all the information above.
You can also put the link on your profile page.

If you don't want to make a web page for the credits, you can display all of the information as an overlay during the stream.

3. Announce the information during the stream

If you don't want to create an overlay, you can just announce all of the information live on the stream.

4. Buy an extended license

If nothing of 1.-3. is possible, you have to buy an extended license for each song to use the music without making attribution.

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The attribution is mandatory and not voluntary.

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The text may not be changed. You have to make attribution without change as indicated in the download window.

There is only one exception: It is allowed to adapt the text to your language.

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It is probably a technical problem on the part of Facebook, i.e. a false recognition. It is also possible that someone claims rights for himself that he actually does not have. You can make a dispute here:


Problems with Facebook

We tested the dispute functions on facebook and unfortunately never received an answer. So these forms are useless.

During our research we even read about other musicians who get copyright claims on music they just produced themselves and uploaded as video on Facebook. Facebook's music recognition is so bad that certain similarities are enough.

Facebook is slowly dying anyway and this is one more reason to go for more advanced platforms. Not everything goes smoothly on Youtube either, but at least you have the possibility to dispute and above all you can see who the copyright claim is from.

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No, this is a big misunderstanding. Every artist still has the copyright to his music. Standard License music is often mixed up with "public domain" music which is free of copyright.

And because every artist owns the copyright for his music, he also has the right to sell extended licenses or to demand that the author be named.

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1. Click on dispute
2. Chose "My dispute isn't based on any of the reasons above. I would still like to dispute this Content ID claim." (because the first 3 options implicate that thit claim is correct)
3. Then chose "License: I have permission or a license to use the content claimed in my video."
4. Check "I have permission to use the content from the copyright owner."
5. In the text field "Please include your license information below (required)" i paste the text: "This is a f alse claim. The correct original song is:" (Replace the link with the correct filmmusic song link)
5. Sign with your name
7. Send the dispute

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Creative Commons licenses are non-revocable, which means that once a work is licensed under a Creative Commons license, the copyright holder cannot take back the rights they have granted to others. This is because once a work is made available under a Creative Commons license, others have relied on that license and have used the work in accordance with its terms. Revoking the license would not be fair to those who have already used the work in good faith. Additionally, the non-revocable nature of Creative Commons licenses helps to ensure that the work can continue to be used and shared, even if the copyright holder changes their mind about the licensing of the work.

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Around your account

If you are unable to log in, this is usually because you have not confirmed your account. After registration you will find an e-mail with a link in your account. The account will only be activated after a click on the link in the email. You should also search for this email in your Spam folder.
If you can't find an email, you can use the function "Forgot password" to create a new password after clicking on the link in the confirmation email. If an account has not yet been activated, it will be activated automatically.
Other possibilities why you can't log in are:
- You have disabled cookies
 - You are using a VPN (proxy service)
 - You use Thor
 - You have Javascript deactivated
The last solution is: Register with a new account!

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We don't like data garbage either, so it would be nice if you delete your account when you don't need it anymore. After all, you created the account yourself, for whatever reason, and even confirmed it in an email - so you should also be able to delete it on your own.
Or do you also leave your garbage lying around everywhere on the street? No? Then it's time to clean up your digital trash, too :)
Yes, it's really easy and uncomplicated by logging into your account, clicking on "My data" on your dashboard, scrolling down and then clicking on "I want to delete my account". Then simply follow the instructions.

Delete your account here (you have to login first):

You see, deleting the account was not that difficult. And unlike the registration, this time you didn't even have to think of a username like "sexybunny42" :)

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For security reasons, we do not delete accounts based on a single email only. Since email accounts can be hacked and we don't know if the email is really from you, only you can delete your account by logging in with your password and deleting your account yourself.

Furthermore, we strongly advise against using services that gain full access to your email inbox and the contents of your emails: For privacy reasons and especially for security reasons.

Any requests of this kind to our support system will generally not be answered, so save yourself the time.

You can find out how to delete your account here.

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Yes, this website is legal. All the music was released under the Standard License, the musicians upload their own music.

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Each artist uploads his music independently. Filmmusic is a public marketplace, each artist is responsible for his own music. In the "Artists" section you will find various contact possibilities for each artist.

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The music is absolutely royalty-free. Our artists are not members of collecting societies (like GEMA, SUISA....) and the music is therefore not registered there. Our artists upload their music under the Standard License.

So you don't have to pay a cent to collecting societies - and you shouldn't do that under any circumstances.

Due to the so-called "Gema presumption" (for example in germany), however, you are obliged to provide proof: With an extended license you receive a release document for each song, with which you can very easily prove that the music is gemafrei. The document contains the name and address of the artist, the name of the song and also the license conditions.

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If you can't find a song anymore through the search, then it's not there anymore. Songs that can't be found using the search function can't be licensed either. is just a marketplace for artists who upload music on their own responsibility. Please contact the respective artist if you have questions about songs that are no longer available, we can't help you.

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Thank you very much for your interest. You can apply here:

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  • MP3 (in most cases 320kbps, stereo, depending on what the artist uploads)

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No, we cannot afford such a program as a small company with unpaid volunteers without salary. We are already happy that we can raise the running costs.

Of course we are still happy if you send us security problems to the legal e-mail address mentioned in the imprint - we will gladly show our appreciation with a voucher code for music licenses.

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If you have seen a video on the internet that contains music from, but don't know the name of the song and the artist, we offer a music search. In this case we contact all our artists and ask them to tell us if this is their song.

The service actually costs 435 Euro, plus taxes (29 artists x 15 Eur). The amount must be paid in advance and cannot be refunded even if the result is negative.

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No, our website is only available in English. We have visitors from hundreds of countries and could not offer such competitive prices if we translated the website into every language. We assume that anyone working in the media field should understand English, the world language.

Direct link to this answer is only a marketplace for music and not a law office. Since the artists already receive 70% of the total revenue (which is already much more than what is customary in the market), we cannot also take action against copyright infringement - this is not our job as a marketplace. This is the sole responsibility of the artists. If you suspect illegal use, please contact the artist directly.

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