"Cinematic music" is a term that refers to music written specifically for film or other visual media. It encompasses a wide range of styles, including orchestral, electronic, and experimental music, and is designed to enhance the emotional impact of the visual images on screen. Cinematic music can be used for a variety of purposes in a film, such as setting the mood, creating tension, and highlighting important moments. It often incorporates elements of classical, popular and ethnic music. The music is composed to match the pace of the scene and support the overall narrative of the film.

Cinematic music can also refer to music which is inspired by the sound and feel of film scores and soundtracks, even if it is not written specifically for a film. It can be used in a variety of contexts, such as in video games, television shows, and advertising. It is widely used to create an emotional and immersive experience that can be used to tell a story and create a feeling of a different world.

Free Cinematic music

16k      678    44    02:48
Definite African influence on this mostly orchestral piece. Clean ending.
23k      999    117    03:46
This piece shares a bassline with "Eternal Terminal" (found elsewhere on this site). It also has the same waterphone. You can use these 2 pieces together and make it seem like your project had a custom composer! How cool is that!?
19k      839    86    02:02
Fast tempo and loose timing gives this piece some not-quite-in-control speed.<BR><BR> This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.
22k      950    97    02:02
A lighter piece than the descriptors would imply. It is more hollow than dark, more motion-forward than driving. Builds continuously but slowly.<BR>
15k      629    67    01:10
Bittersweet and somewhat dark; ends brightly on an open major chord. It's hard to put a mood on a piece that contains so many!
35k      1k    130    03:09
This piece is actively painful. It is ugly and nasty and dirty - about as much as you can be using exactly one orchestra. Seriously, there are occasional bits where there are notes - but mostly, it is just... uhh...<BR><BR> This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed...
35k      2k    135    01:08
Background to an evil political action ad. Add your own alarmist voice over - this was engineered to make people uncomfortable, and not interfere with human voice range. "Tell your congressman to vote NO on the Pollute Our Drinking Water and Send All of Our Money to Canada Act."
29k      1k    111    01:48
That sort of "I'm kind of 'ok', but I'm still standing out in the rain feel". Pretty depressing for being in a major key.
14k      619    45    02:39
This all drum ensemble will convey the gravity of the situation; Funeral, speech about a battle plan, the importance of tungsten. Anything with weight.<BR><BR> This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.
34k      1k    158    03:05
On January 31st, 2015, I recorded this piece. For some reason, I hit the record button and played. This is all of the notes. There are no other takes; No other files from that day. I don't remember what I was doing, but I was apparently dealing with fear and...
18k      754    71    04:10
Glimmering darkness with some smooth emergences and some sharp. Spectrally, this is all over the place. It creeps me out.
473      5    1    02:34
My Godfather-esque tear jerker composition.
18k      772    71    03:08
Gritty Western feel with a touch of suspense.<BR>
2k      38    4    05:09
3k      69    7    04:32