"Cinematic music" is a term that refers to music written specifically for film or other visual media. It encompasses a wide range of styles, including orchestral, electronic, and experimental music, and is designed to enhance the emotional impact of the visual images on screen. Cinematic music can be used for a variety of purposes in a film, such as setting the mood, creating tension, and highlighting important moments. It often incorporates elements of classical, popular and ethnic music. The music is composed to match the pace of the scene and support the overall narrative of the film.

Cinematic music can also refer to music which is inspired by the sound and feel of film scores and soundtracks, even if it is not written specifically for a film. It can be used in a variety of contexts, such as in video games, television shows, and advertising. It is widely used to create an emotional and immersive experience that can be used to tell a story and create a feeling of a different world.

Free Cinematic music

8k      311    23    03:09
I knew I'd find a use for the subtle demonic piano! Short impromptu, dim and dark.
26k      978    111    02:11
A loop-based piece, I've gotten a lot of requests for a version of this with no percussion or voice - so here you go. Broad and inspiring.<BR>
21k      808    70    01:15
A militaristic snare drum march begins this piece, reminiscent of Eastern Europe during World War II. The orchestral sounds blend with the sharpness of the brass throughout, but especially after 0:36, when the music is lyrical and melodic, though intensely emotional and suspenseful. At 0:52, the rhythmic march begins again,...
23k      857    92    00:33
Lumbering tuba-driven tune with heavy back beat appropriate for character underscore. Ends Abruptly.
57k      2k    235    03:02
Relaxing cinematic music with a lot of suspense.
15k      571    66    06:46
This is the same as the other "Danse Macabre" on this site - but without the solo violin part... in case you're a violinist, and you want to play along at home.
11k      410    41    00:57
A crazy ride, starting calm and erupting into a frenzy. Calm again at the end. Very Elfman-like.<BR>
13k      494    52    02:10
A slow, very calm piece featuring English horn, piano, and bass. Center section also has brass ensemble and strings.
12k      440    54    00:40
Harpsichord in tritones with a bass pedal.
49k      2k    155    04:06
This is dark and concerning - like the lights-out bonus level on your hidden object game. Almost exactly like that. As if it was written for the dark bonus level of a hidden object game. Just as if.
119k      4k    265    04:16
Would you believe this is computer-generated? I would believe that. I would totally believe that. [Full Version available in extended download]
28k      1k    127    01:22
Eastern flute-like reed-like instrument - the Dizi.<BR>
17k      643    104    02:41
The child-like music box is the constant in this piece, but the repetition of the melody shifts from innocence to the music of a character detached from life, on the verge of psychoses or paranoia. The choir in the background lends the music a heavenly, albeit sepulchral feel.
31k      1k    168    03:31
This piece started its life as a random challenge on a show I do on called "The Wheels of Doom!". The 4 randomized elements that came together here were: Drum Machine, Strings, Xylophone, and Comedic. I think it worked out pretty well! You can <A HREF="">download this in uncompressed...
115k      4k    312    06:06
This piece has a good beat and you can dance to it... assuming you are a dark, lurking horror with a betentacled face and an urge to consume life forces.