"Classical music" is a broad term used to describe a wide range of Western art music that has its roots in the European tradition dating from the 9th century to the 21st century. It encompasses a variety of styles and forms, including orchestral, chamber, choral, and solo music, and it is typically composed by trained musicians who have studied the traditional techniques and forms of the genre.

Classical music is known for its complex harmonies, counterpoint, and formal structures. It is typically written for specific instruments or groups of instruments, such as the orchestra, string quartet, or piano. Classical music is also characterized by its use of melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre, and it often follows a specific musical form, such as the sonata or symphony.

Classical music is typically divided into several periods, including the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern periods. Each period has its own unique characteristics and is defined by the musical styles and forms that were popular at the time.

Composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven and Frédéric Chopin are considered some of the most important and influential composers in the classical tradition. Classical music is still widely performed and recorded today and continues to be a significant part of the world's cultural heritage.

Free Classical music

13k      946    88    02:01
Instrumental track made for piano and strings. The music is sweet and mellow. The rhythm is moderate and it’s under the dynamics of the play of the piano. The style is very near to classical and the composition is based to a piano improvisation. The mood is calm, emotional and...
27k      2k    353    00:44
Short, epic uplifting piece that very effective. Perfect for commercials, drone shots, promo videos and mostly any content! Extended license purchase contains both "Superepic" and "Megaepic"
17k      1k    233    02:15
Instrumental classical cinematic music composed for orchestra, ideal for epic and patriotic music in films, TV Series and podcast. Also great for advertising and commercials.
19k      1k    193    00:08
Big and dynamic sound! Great logo to start a big video! Perfect for action trailer, intro, video, movie, teaser, fps, sport, rhythmic, dynamic background, opener, typography, motivating commerciall, podcast intro, etc. Instruments: Drums, synth, fx.
3k      204    20    02:43
Instrumental cinematic uplifting Christmas music made for piano, orchestra, strings, violin, oboe and glockenspiel, ideal for Christmas celebration in Films, Tv series and Ads.
10k      753    121    01:22
Short cheerful Track for Fairy Tales, Children, Comedy, Tutorials, etc.
4k      257    37    02:43
Instrumental inspirational cinematic music composed for orchestra, horns, flutes and percussion, ideal for nature and love productions in films, tv series and documentaries. Also great for commercials, promos and ads with inspiring and positive topics.
11k      784    60    02:30
Romantic and soft melody of the piano and violin which is combined with the orchestra. Great for romantic wedding videos, Valentine's Day, presentations, business, corporate, documentaries, tutorials, time lapse, commercial trailers, tv jingles, drama tv show, history, education, cinematic soundtrack, film. Instruments: piano, drums, violins, strings.
9k      647    120    02:22
Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style and genre is Classical piano, inspired directly from romantic Chopin Compositions. The mood is romantic and calm, and the play is plenty of expressiveness and emotional feelings. This music is a perfect background for romantic calm scenes in films, documentaries, advertising and...
2k      126    17    02:13
Instrumental inspirational classical cinematic music composed for piano, harp, orchestra and glockenspiel, ideal for reflective and nostalgia scenes in films, tv series and nature documentaries. Also great for relaxation, spa and yoga, and any projects with slow motion and relaxed tempo.
9k      610    78    03:04
Instrumental music made for piano and strings. The style is a mix between classical and soundtrack music, and the mood is calm and sentimental, with some melancholic feelings. This music fits perfect for romantic and calm scenes in films, advertising, youtube productions and more with similar moods.
11k      770    85    00:49
A short, light and silly version of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". Easy to loop if you want it longer than this.
9k      649    131    02:19
Instrumental music made for piano and strings. The style is Soundtrack Classical and the mood is Positive and Romantic. The rhythm is calm and the music is expressive. The composition starts with the piano and strings playing the main romantic notes, then the music increases the energy with the incorporation...
20k      1k    173    02:37
I know what you’re thinking. Sloths always lurk. And yes, they do. They always lurk..
12k      811    160    02:42
Instrumental music made for orchestra, solo and choir voices, epic drums, oboe and horns, ideal for epic victorious scenes in adventure and travel TV Series, Films and documentaries. Also great for advertising, commercials and podcast.