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Free Classical music

A newer piano variation on Wagner's Bridal Chorus. It leaves out some of the less familiar middle section, and changes up a few chords while retaining the melody.
18286      411    41    01:42
Percussion, guitars, bass, electronics, brass, strings The ever redoubtable honeybee. Quiet and unassuming goes about simply gathering pollen and in turn maintains the vast pyramid of life on our planet....
1612      36    3    03:23
This is Gymnopedie #1 from Erik Satie (1888), but it has a beat and you can dance to it.
124445      2772    162    03:11
619      14    1    01:38
Mrs. Johnson's 4 grade band presents Tchaikovsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies"! Featuring: Jacob on Tuba, Hailey on Euphonium, Kaylee and Caleb on Trombone, Jayden and Joey on Trumpet,...
63292      1262    85    00:28
Piano, percussion, strings, woodwinds, electronics.
2195      42    6    03:12
"Yak-Sized Piece of Grit That Flew Into My Eye, Causing 15 Seconds of Painful Disorientation" for oboe and pianoforte. Calm in beginning, then disorientation, with a textbook resolve.<BR>
23807      553    32    01:31
Bach's 3-part invention with a hip beat and bass. The notes are all Bach's, but are not all in the correct order.<BR>
15621      325    32    01:50
30 seconds seamless loop instrumental peaceful classical and ethereal ambient music composed for strings, piano, soprano, choir and vocals, cello section and strings, ideal background for mystical and religious topics...
886      19    1    00:30
20 seconds seamless loop. Instrumental classical regal music composed for piano, strings, violin, cello and guitar, ideal for elegant and stylish situations in films, tv series and historical documentaries. Also...
1037      19    2    00:20
Light and airy, with a bit of a march going on. Parallel chords and Ravel-like crescendo.
122678      2837    94    02:14
The classic "here come the bride" piece written by Wagner for the opera Lohengrin. This is about as traditional a performance as you can get.
17664      320    42    02:19
Lots of strings, a couple of winds carry the interest offset by a glockenspiel. 7-4 time. Slow and unnerving.
27600      571    38    00:55
Brass, percussion, timpani, shakers, suspense Theme for a political podcast, YT channel or controversy of your choosing. Photo courtesy of Jhefferson Santos -
3560      51    12    01:24
My first work in the orchestral genre. Inspired by Minecraft. Unfortunately, I can't remove the background noise :(
479      11    0    04:15