"Dance/club music" refers to a broad range of electronic-based music genres that are designed to be played in dance clubs and other venues where people gather to dance. These genres typically feature a strong and steady beat, often produced by drum machines or synthesizers, and are characterized by their repetitive structure and use of electronic sounds. Some popular subgenres of dance/club music include house, techno, trance, and drum and bass.

Dance music has evolved throughout the years, and it has influenced by other genres such as funk, soul, and disco, and it also has a wide range of subgenres that have evolved over time like deep house, future house, tropical house, and many more.

Dance/club music is often produced by DJs and other electronic music producers, and it is often associated with the use of turntables and other DJ equipment. Dance music is popular in nightclubs and at other dance-oriented events and festivals around the world, and it's enjoyed by people of all ages.

Free Dance/Club music

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Since supposedly Deep House, for clubs and sound reinforcement is very much in demand, I tried myself once to such a one.
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90s Style Synth Pop Track
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Bright dance track with a positive melody! The mood of summer, beach and parties! Perfect for uplifting videos such as advertising, marketing, presentations, short intros, short videos etc. Instruments: synth lead, piano, drums, fx, synth bass.