"Electronica" is a broad term used to describe a wide range of electronic-based music genres that emerged in the late 20th century. It encompasses a variety of styles and sub-genres that are united by their use of electronic instrumentation, production techniques and technology. Some of the key elements of Electronica include the use of electronic instruments such as synthesizers, drum machines, and computers, as well as the use of samples and loops.

The genre of Electronica includes many sub-genres such as Ambient, Trip-Hop, IDM, Techno, Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, Electro House, Dubstep, and many more. These sub-genres vary widely in terms of tempo, style, and instrumentation, but they all share a common thread of electronic-based production.

Electronica music is often associated with the underground club and rave scenes, but it has also become increasingly mainstream, with many electronic-based artists achieving mainstream success. Many electronic musicians also create their music by using digital audio workstations, software synthesizers, and other electronic music production tools.

Electronica is known for its experimental and innovative approach to music, and it has had a significant influence on many other genres such as pop, hip-hop, and rock.

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Great track in a relaxing lo-fi style. The gentle melody of the piano is successfully complemented by guitar strings and percussion. This music is very sensitive, emotional as if it transports us to a pleasant and happy moment of life, which we want to remember, which we want to enjoy....
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Experimental electronic music. 26 sine wave synths, each offset by 4 measures in time, and 2 cents of tuning. The final synth is a quartertone away from the first synth.
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A very dark and stompy electronic track that has lots of energy to dance to. Attention: Upon buying a premium license, you will get access to an uncompressed 24bit wav-File of the track.
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Super-Mario world level 2-18, the wedding cake world.
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piano, percussion, electronics & Sound design. Lots of spots for edits and looping. Got a presentation to deliver? Numbers to report? Quarterly results? (hope they're good) Heres a transparent, airy piano piece to layer your images over. Could also work for real estate presentations via drone video.
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Syncopated fat analog synth launches into simple throbbing EDM before adding in a bit of bluesy grooving around at the end. Feels like an intro for a podcast or other kind of show. Extended license includes full-quality 16-bit 44.1Khz .WAV
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BREAKFAST SERIE Welcome to the breakfast serie, the right mix to start your day with the positive vibes required. Happy tunes, to wish you a happy day. With the extended license you’ll get, for each tune: - medium length version (2:37) both mp3 and wav - short version (1:49) both...
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Synths, Piano, strings and electronics Atmospheric piece for encountering something unexpected, maybe something really good. Or maybe you've just seen a Yeti piloting a UFO. And it was waving at you. Just as the sun was breaking the horizon. Could happen. No? Photo courtesy:
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Piano, strings, electronic percussion Happy, meditative underscore for story intro or video sequence.
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A relaxed, yet intriguing track, featuring a prominent 808 bass and several analog synthesizers. This has been released as part of the album "Numb" by my alter ego Ardle. Attention: Upon buying a premium license, you will get access to an uncompressed 24bit wav-File of the track.
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Back in 2008, a good friend of mine passed away unexpectedly. He was a gifted storyteller and filmmaker, and his often robot-themed work reminded me of Isaac Asimov. That Summer, I recorded a series of brief improvisational and experimental works in his honor. The song fragments were never given titles...