"Electronica" is a broad term used to describe a wide range of electronic-based music genres that emerged in the late 20th century. It encompasses a variety of styles and sub-genres that are united by their use of electronic instrumentation, production techniques and technology. Some of the key elements of Electronica include the use of electronic instruments such as synthesizers, drum machines, and computers, as well as the use of samples and loops.

The genre of Electronica includes many sub-genres such as Ambient, Trip-Hop, IDM, Techno, Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, Electro House, Dubstep, and many more. These sub-genres vary widely in terms of tempo, style, and instrumentation, but they all share a common thread of electronic-based production.

Electronica music is often associated with the underground club and rave scenes, but it has also become increasingly mainstream, with many electronic-based artists achieving mainstream success. Many electronic musicians also create their music by using digital audio workstations, software synthesizers, and other electronic music production tools.

Electronica is known for its experimental and innovative approach to music, and it has had a significant influence on many other genres such as pop, hip-hop, and rock.

Free Electronica music

3k      43    11    00:44
140k      4k    214    03:22
18k      451    43    03:32
Kind of techno, with a mix in of themes from Beethoven's overture as played on piano.
17k      427    50    03:42
Unintelligible alien transmissions punctuate the entirety of this piece, while simple, distracted chords create an atmosphere of unease and wonder - beauty and discovery. The pace is quick, and the taiko drumming is foreboding and tribal, but the airy beauty of the chords is almost calming.
25k      618    73    05:14
An experimental piece, designed to emulate a keyboardist with her robot. The piano player likes to play with the EP in this piece. Take a listen to get the full effect. EP used heavily throughout the entire piece. Build at 1:02, percussion picks up with heavy, fast beats.<BR> This piece...
25k      612    60    00:38
A short piece that mixes the symphony with frenzied electronica elements and a dance beat. The horns are blasting and discordant, the synthesizer is manic, the effects disorienting, and the final cresecendo push is loud and forceful.
19k      451    47    00:53
Mid-90s styled video game music. Also available in "<A HREF="http://incompetech.com/music/packs.html">Incompetech Game Pack 1</A>".
19k      455    37    07:17
Intense, slightly urban piece with rich chordal melodies.
128k      3k    211    05:05
2am. It is raining and there is a line outside the noodle place. A dim red glow comes up from the next staircase down; you hear a hypnotic pulse. Looking down, you see there's a propped-open door with a couple smoking outside it. "Ethernight Club" is laser cut into a...
16k      390    45    03:39
Too cool for school! This is a warm and refreshing, yet invigorating piece of 8-bit-like wonderfulness. Lots of modern blipping and bleeping once it gets going. I imagine this piece can be used in a lot of computer games about computer games. There's also a bunch of overdrive on "Level...
15k      366    26    03:20
A remix of one of my own pieces "120 BPM Monster" by special request. This one is longer, and more sharply mixed.
10k      241    14    04:37
Almost disco, almost techno, almost falls apart (but it doesn't). Dance, dance, dance. It feels like a piece that you'd kick off a party with. Lots and lots of bass. Solid 140BPM for mixing goodness.
19k      461    41    01:04
A Simple Bass Groove with High Hat and Snare behind it. The repeated bass line is good for dancing.
45k      1k    150    04:02
Perfect ambient music for your retro game!
17k      400    34    01:45
A disturbingly sweet melody on an electric piano is accompanied with a slow and steady beat. Synth sounds undulate in the background, fighting for prominence. They ultimately melt away, leaving the piano melody to play one last despair-filled refrain.