Folk music is a genre of music that is typically passed down through generations and is often associated with traditional and rural communities. Folk music is characterized by its simple melodies, often accompanied by guitar, banjo, fiddle, and other acoustic instruments. It often tells stories of everyday life, love, work, and social and political issues.

Folk music can be divided into several sub-genres, such as traditional folk, contemporary folk, and world folk music. Traditional folk music is based on the songs and melodies that were passed down through generations in a particular culture or community. It often features elements of storytelling and is characterized by its simplicity and directness.

Contemporary folk music, which emerged in the 20th century, is characterized by its use of modern instruments and styles, while still staying true to the traditional elements of folk music. It often features politically and socially conscious lyrics, and is known for its emphasis on songwriting.

World folk music refers to the traditional music of a particular culture or region outside of the Western world. It encompasses a wide range of music styles, including traditional music from Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Folk music has been a significant influence on many other genres of music, including rock, country, and pop music. Folk music continues to be popular today, with many contemporary folk artists drawing on traditional elements while incorporating modern sounds and styles. Folk music is known for its ability to reflect the cultural and social issues of a particular community or region.

Free Folk music

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2 Versions
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Check the Download Link Below ---> Desert Liaison (Instrumental)
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I kind of dark medieval soundtrack. Recorded with bad enough instruments that it actually sounds legit. In my head this is the music that started playing whenever you walked into the blacksmith’s store in medieval times.
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Best for relaxation, meditation and for background music in video
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60 seconds seamless loop. Instrumental uplifting and happy acoustic music, composed for acoustic and steel guitars, piano, cello, violin, glockenspiel and hand claps, ideal for joyful situations and topics in advertising, commercials and promos. Also great background in youtube and vimeo, instagram and tik tok videos, and other media projects...
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A perfect piece for your humorous TikTok or short!
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Atmospheric celtic fantasy piece only consisting of a harp and a classical guitar. Inspired by the Skyrim open world music, to create a beautiful majestic atmosphere. Extended license purchase includes a 30 minute loop.
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Guitar vibes with a whistling melody, relaxing and peaceful.
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A really dark viking-inspired track. One key, lots of percussive elements and choir. If you don’t know what the Blood Eagle ritual is, look it up. Its both horrific and really, really awesome. Little trick: play this song while you read about it for enhanced experience.
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Instrumental uplifting acoustic music composed for ukulele, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel and hand claps, ideal for happy and funny, joyous and children topics in advertising, promos and commercials. Also great for youtube, podcast and generic audiovisuals with funny pets, animals and other cheerul situations.
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Cinematic, melodic fantasy piece!
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Probably one of the most epic metal pieces you have heard in your life. I'm usually more humble). This piece is a mixture of my celtic fantasy stuff, and my metal stuff. Lots of dynamic and different parts!
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Traditional Bagpipe Music with soft Pads, Strings, Bass and Percussion. For Nature, Travel, Documentary and more.
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instrumental easy music made for acoustic guitars, piano and glockenspiel. Ideal for calm scenes in Films and TV Series. Also great for advertising and commercials with relaxed topics.
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Instrumental acoustic music made for acoustic guitars, strings and piano, ideal for happy and joyous scenes in films, TV series and clips. Also great for commercials and advertising.