Folk music is a genre of music that is typically passed down through generations and is often associated with traditional and rural communities. Folk music is characterized by its simple melodies, often accompanied by guitar, banjo, fiddle, and other acoustic instruments. It often tells stories of everyday life, love, work, and social and political issues.

Folk music can be divided into several sub-genres, such as traditional folk, contemporary folk, and world folk music. Traditional folk music is based on the songs and melodies that were passed down through generations in a particular culture or community. It often features elements of storytelling and is characterized by its simplicity and directness.

Contemporary folk music, which emerged in the 20th century, is characterized by its use of modern instruments and styles, while still staying true to the traditional elements of folk music. It often features politically and socially conscious lyrics, and is known for its emphasis on songwriting.

World folk music refers to the traditional music of a particular culture or region outside of the Western world. It encompasses a wide range of music styles, including traditional music from Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Folk music has been a significant influence on many other genres of music, including rock, country, and pop music. Folk music continues to be popular today, with many contemporary folk artists drawing on traditional elements while incorporating modern sounds and styles. Folk music is known for its ability to reflect the cultural and social issues of a particular community or region.

Free Folk music

3k      243    31    02:45
Instrumental acoustic uplifting music composed for acoustic and steel guitars, glockenspiel, piano, strings and drums, ideal for commercials, advertising and promos. Also great background for children, comedy and pets.
16k      1k    166    02:24
Very gentle and friendly, inspiring motivational corporate music. Very light and motivating mood, impregnated with kindness and a positive, fill your project bright emotions and life. Great for children's tales, movies, presentations, greetings, weddings, Christmas tales, corporate advertising, amazing slide shows and hopeful corporate, motivational infographics, positive, perfect background music...
6k      293    115    04:29
4k      227    76    06:27
You're wandering in a magical looking forest, you've been wandering for days. You're thirsty and tired. At this point it feels hopeless. There's a rocky staircase that doesn't seem natural. Someone must have built it at some point, which gives you a hint of hope. Reaching the top there's absolutely...
13k      800    181    02:37
Celtic fantasy music with beautiful melodies and catchy rhythms. Definitely reflects upon this lovely season.
2k      134    41    02:33
Beautiful acoustic Music with Irish Fiddle, Acoustic Guitar, Uilleann and a beautiful female Voice.
11k      736    150    02:23
One out of three Loop Ready medieval tavern pieces. The other two are exclusive on my Patreon.
4k      220    54    01:59
Instrumental inspirational music composed for acoustic guitar, violin, cello, strings, horns, piano and glockenspiel, ideal for contemplative nature scenes in Films, Tv series and documentaries. Also great for relaxation and peaceful situations.
9k      593    109    03:37
A relaxing fantasy piece with "typical" medieval chord progressions. Does rise in epicness. License purchase includes a loop ready version of the file.
8k      477    119    04:24
Celtic fantasy piece perfect as background music for podcasts and YouTube videos. Extended purchase includes music file in wav, mp3 and FLAC.
6k      320    89    02:33
Instrumental inspirational acoustic music made for acoustic guitars, cello, violin, glockenspiel and strings, ideal for nostalgia and sentimental topics in films, TV series and documentaries. Also great for clips and youtube productions in contemplative and emotional situations.
3k      197    23    02:40
Beautiful Romantic Medieval Music
6k      420    73    02:06
Instrumental music made for ukelele, piano, guitars and acoustic instruments. The mood is happy and fun, and the style is very near to child music. The music starts with the chords from ukelele, playing funny lively chords. Then the music increases the intensity of happiness with the incorporation of other...
3k      161    47    03:04
Instrumental contemplative acoustic music made for piano and acoustic instruments, such as acoustic guitars, cello and strings. The genre is acoustic rock folk and the mood is sentimental and easy. The music starts with the piano playing the main notes and harmonies of the composition. Then, the entrance of acoustic...
8k      460    126    04:53
Loop ready fantasy/celtic piece, perfect for atmospheric environments.