Folk music is a genre of music that is typically passed down through generations and is often associated with traditional and rural communities. Folk music is characterized by its simple melodies, often accompanied by guitar, banjo, fiddle, and other acoustic instruments. It often tells stories of everyday life, love, work, and social and political issues.

Folk music can be divided into several sub-genres, such as traditional folk, contemporary folk, and world folk music. Traditional folk music is based on the songs and melodies that were passed down through generations in a particular culture or community. It often features elements of storytelling and is characterized by its simplicity and directness.

Contemporary folk music, which emerged in the 20th century, is characterized by its use of modern instruments and styles, while still staying true to the traditional elements of folk music. It often features politically and socially conscious lyrics, and is known for its emphasis on songwriting.

World folk music refers to the traditional music of a particular culture or region outside of the Western world. It encompasses a wide range of music styles, including traditional music from Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Folk music has been a significant influence on many other genres of music, including rock, country, and pop music. Folk music continues to be popular today, with many contemporary folk artists drawing on traditional elements while incorporating modern sounds and styles. Folk music is known for its ability to reflect the cultural and social issues of a particular community or region.

Free Folk music

5k      268    56    02:42
Instrumental easy and happy acoustic music made for acoustic guitars, piano, strings and glocks, ideal for happy and optimistic scenes in films and tv series. Also great for commercials, promos and ads.
2k      121    32    01:38
Short, fast phase bluegrass track perfect for the funny short clip you're making.
9k      506    81    05:18
A very melodic epic fantasy piece with some celtic elements. A huge orchestrated arrangement with emotional melodies and hard percussion. Perfect for DnD campaigns, or other tabletop games. Or listen to this while gaming or mowing your lawn. Epicness guaranteed.
8k      479    63    02:47
Apparently Americans calls us Scandinavian's “Scando’s”. I’m not sure if it’s an insult or not. Anyways, this piece is a very “me-typical” piano piece with drums and piano. Lots of chord progressions I consider Scandinavian. I don’t really know why.
6k      354    92    03:25
Extended purchase comes with a short loopable version!
8k      441    84    04:33
Today I've mixed it up a little. Half of my brain wanted to make fantasy music, while the other half wanted to make something a bit heavier. So to satisfy them both, I ended up making a very drum kit heavy fantasy piece. Version without drums can be found exclusively...
8k      480    125    04:53
Loop ready fantasy/celtic piece, perfect for atmospheric environments.
10k      602    120    02:32
Walking through a medieval marked. People are chanting, the steel is clinging. Seriously, close your eyes and imagine this.
5k      294    51    03:17
Instrumental positive and inspirational acoustic music, composed for acoustic and steel guitars, piano, strings and drums. Great for happy and cheerful situations in films, tv series and clips.
8k      447    86    04:50
A fantasy piece in the celtic genre. Lots of beautiful melodies! Works as background music for most epic things. Both in games, film and other content.
6k      344    49    02:17
Beautiful and friendly Country Corporate music. Excellent fit in the bright memories, travel, and positive moments of life. acoustic guitar, ukulele, violin, and piano Perfect for tv advertising, radio, films, web advertisements, movie trailers, youtube, successful, business and travel videos, applications, backgrounds, corporate, motivational presentations, and commercials videos. Style: Country,...
3k      186    28    03:00
Instrumental positive and easy acoustic music made for acoustic guitars, piano, strings, drums and strings, perfect for happy and joyous scenes in films and tv series. Also great for advertising, commercials and documentaries in similar optimistic contemplative situations.
9k      527    159    03:02
Classical celtic/medieval piece with few changes. Perfect for podcasting, games or videos!
2k      107    8    03:11
608      34    7    03:26
Check the Download Link Below ---> Dancing Abroad (2012 Version) - Oriental Zither Music, this tune "Dancing Abroad" took me 6 months to finish, and 12 months to complete. Since then I start to compose more Zither music in live gigs & clubs.