Holiday music is a genre of music that is typically associated with specific holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, and many more. These songs often have themes or lyrics that relate to the holiday, and may be played or listened to during the holiday season. The holiday season is usually a time when people come together to celebrate, and music plays a big role in that celebration. Holiday music is a way for people to connect with their traditions and to create a festive atmosphere.

One of the most popular holiday songs is "Jingle Bells," which is traditionally associated with Christmas. The song, written by James Lord Pierpont in 1857, is a classic example of holiday music, with its upbeat tempo and catchy melody. The song, which is often played on the radio and in shopping centers during the Christmas season, is a favorite among both children and adults. Another classic Christmas song is "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing," which is a traditional Christian hymn that is often sung during Christmas Eve services and Christmas Day services.

Another popular holiday song is "Jingle Bell Rock" which is a song from 1957 originally performed by Bobby Helms and is often played during Christmas time. "All I Want for Christmas Is You" is also a popular holiday song written and performed by Mariah Carey, and it has become a modern Christmas classic since its release in 1994. "Silent Night" is a traditional Christmas carol and one of the most popular and recognizable holiday songs of all time. It is often sung during Christmas Eve services and Christmas Day services and it's a simple and beautiful melody that is able to evoke a sense of peace and wonder.

Finally, "Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel" is a traditional Hanukkah song that is often played and sung during the eight-day Festival of Lights. The song is about a four-sided spinning top with Hebrew letters on it, which is used in a game played during Hanukkah. This song is often played and sung by Jewish families and communities during Hanukkah celebrations.

Overall, holiday music is a special genre of music that connects us with our traditions and creates a festive atmosphere during the holiday season. It is a way for people to come together and celebrate, and it is a reminder of the joy and happiness that the holidays bring.

Free Holiday music

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You know that touching Christmas slideshow you're working on? This is for that.
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Happy and lighthearted track, good for advertisement, podcast, corporate, vlog and more. Additional versions available with extended license: - full track - 60 seconds - 30 seconds - 15 seconds - 15 seconds - second version All the tracks come as usual both mp3 and wav. Enjoy :)
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Is it looking a little claymation in here, or is it just me?
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Piano solo of the traditional holiday piece. Very smooth with seemingly random phrasing. This isn't really a sing-along type recording.
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Kind and cheerful musical introduction in Trap style created especially for Christmas holidays! Ideal for logo reveals, opener, intro, broadcast, advertisements, websites, YouTube channels, Vimeo channels, vlogs, daily vlogs, corporate presentations, corporate videos, infographic videos, explainer videos, tutorials, slideshows, business videos, science and technology projects, startup videos, app promos, marketing...
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This is my impression of a tv show street party scene scored by a composer from the 90s. #TexasSharpshooterFallacy
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Soft spring music - very soft instrumental music. We all are waiting for spring))
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A smooth,positive chillout track.Ideal for many corporate,travel and tech projects.
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Perfect for your promotional videos, commercials, advertisements, YouTube videos, film, and much more! Free music for content creators: Support me on Patreon:
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Spirit Of The Day Acoustic Ukulele
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Music for relaxation and meditation. Soft music with quitar, drums and sounds of birds
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soft instrumental music for video background
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Soft short music for you. Nice for relax or presentation of your video as background music
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Easy listening music. Very well suited for telephone queues.