Free Jazz music

Jazzy Music for Film, TV, Audio book, Social Media, Crime, Comedy and much more.
2885      243    47    03:19
A deep and beautiful track with a mood of rest and relaxation. Hip-hop beats and real fat guitar bass create light and pleasant music. Perfect for such projects as fashion...
6927      490    100    01:41
Jazz track with a cheerful clarinet and an acoustic guitar. Ideal for comedy, tutorials and explanatory films
14663      1068    147    01:09
Very bright and catchy melody in the style of Funk. Energetic guitar riff and moving bass. It was written under the inspiration of "Jamiroquai". Perfect for dynamic and positive videos...
7858      478    104    01:56
The third Part of my Jazzi Episode
3391      205    46    01:56
Super laid-back chillin jazz hybrid piece. It has a sort of a tiki, spacey vibe. Available in 2 other versions (original, and elevator). This version cleanly loops.
389226      31124    1147    03:19
Instrumental peaceful Bossa Nova from brazil, composed for piano, guitar, electric piano, drums and alto and tenor saxophones, ideal for cooking and restaurant backgrounds, tv shows and travel.
2469      148    34    04:35
An upbeat hiphop jazz track,featuring a summery jazz saxophone melody.Ideal for many corporate and personal projects.
2738      150    38    01:46
I bought some old samples and added some dance beats to them: Some say yes, that's modern? Anyway, it sounds funny. Imagine you put this music under the video recordings...
23161      1577    195    02:36
Jazzy track with trombone improvisation, live and true. Good as a soundtrack in your podcast or YouTube tutorial. Swinging, bouncing and light-hearted. Additional files available with extended version: -standard length...
4525      255    52    04:07
Bossa Nova composition with jazz instruments: saxophones, pianos and contrabass. Creative solos playing under the main structure. The music is instrumental and the mood is fun and happy.. This track...
13382      925    90    04:03
1671      86    19    03:47
My track Jazzi, has been well received here, so now there is a reloaded. Happy upbeat jazz music for comedy, children and much more.
7698      400    79    02:39
2162      111    22    01:18
An energetic and positive funky track with a dance and inspirational feel. Perfect if you need a bright introduction for your project. Perfect for positive commercial, urban advertising, TV show,...
14778      796    137    00:20