"Jazz" music is a genre of music that originated in African American communities, particularly in the southern United States, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is characterized by its improvisation, syncopated rhythms, and use of various musical forms such as the blues and swing. Jazz music also features a wide range of instruments such as trumpet, saxophone, piano, bass and drums.

Jazz music is known for its improvisation which means that musicians play and create music on the spot, in the moment, without a previously written score. This improvisation is often based on the melody and chords of a song, but the musicians are free to add their own twists and turns to the music.

Jazz has evolved throughout the years and has many subgenres such as New Orleans jazz, swing, bebop, hard bop, cool jazz, modal jazz, free jazz, fusion jazz, and smooth jazz.

Jazz music has had a significant influence on various other genres such as rock, blues, and R&B, and it is known for its sophisticated harmonies, complex rhythms, and virtuosic musicianship. Jazz music is still an active and vital genre and many jazz musicians continue to push the boundaries of the music and create new styles and subgenres.

Free Jazz music

7k      430    62    01:38
Instrumental music made for piano solo. the music is slow, mellow and sweet, and the rhythm is quite relaxed. The style is very near to jazz and blues and the composition depicts a relaxed romantic scene. The mood is nice and positive but it has a little touch of some...
9k      463    43    03:58
531      29    4    03:29
Instrumental pleasant and relaxing music composed for electric and acoustic pianos, muted trumpet, saxophone, strings and glocks, directly influenced from smooth jazz with chill hop grooves and featuring solos, ideal for calm and peaceful scenes in films, tv series and documentaries. Also a great background for spa, massage and alternative...
5k      249    51    03:48
A smooth, sensual and erotic jazzy piece, with piano, sax, muted trumpet, vibes, strings, and brushes, best for ads, night scenes, or erotic montages.
4k      175    19    01:38
5k      212    27    01:41
5 Versions
11k      561    100    02:39
My track Jazzi, has been well received here, so now there is a reloaded. Happy upbeat jazz music for comedy, children and much more.
17k      861    157    00:20
An energetic and positive funky track with a dance and inspirational feel. Perfect if you need a bright introduction for your project. Perfect for positive commercial, urban advertising, TV show, radio jingle, energetic video, talk show, street video, street style, lifestyle, vacation, vlog, sport, energetic sports.
3k      139    23    03:18
5k      267    45    05:06
Calm and slow jazz piece. Composed for saxophone, trumpet and pianos. It has a lot of calm, improvisational and creative moments. Describes nice and relaxed ambiences in films, advertising and also documentaries, mainly in the dark of a big city in a lonely and comfortable place.
9k      455    81    08:27
Rich, cynical people. We all know them, and they are definitely listening to this song while they’re being rich and cynical
6k      263    28    15:04
3k      121    10    03:36
4k      175    35    03:46
Instrumental retro & vintage jazz music composed for alto and tenor saxophones, trumpet, piano, electric piano and drums, ideal as a background in restaurants, TV shows presentations, cooking, food and tv comedy and series.
411k      40k    1k    03:19
Super laid-back chillin jazz hybrid piece. It has a sort of a tiki, spacey vibe. Available in 2 other versions (original, and elevator). This version cleanly loops.