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Aug/04 Mad Dog Studio

Guys, you are doing a great job! I use some of the music for personal videos. I hope more people will donate to your great efforts and music!

50.00 €
Aug/06 White Raven Studios

We are so thankful for this website! Thank you for all that you do.

20.00 €
Aug/04 Anonymous 20.00 €
Jul/25 Trafojer Andreas 20.00 €
Aug/06 Anonymous 15.00 €
Aug/05 Danivek


10.00 €
Aug/05 jflgray

Much thanks for your varied musical scores. Used for family videos.

10.00 €
Aug/03 Mr Chris Hislop 10.00 €
Jul/19 Jonas Schupp 10.00 €
Aug/03 Pixel Dev 4.00 €

Free Jazz music

Jazzy! Gumshoe-y! Mystery-y! I suck at making adjectives. Who needs adjectives anyway! I'm fine without adjectives. How fine without adjectives, you may ask? I can't say - as that would...
105397      5519    406    02:39
A piece of music from a more elegant time, 1940. This is a beautiful slow piece that will make you want to pick up some champagne and go off slow...
83532      4261    358    02:48
Sort of Spanish, sort of Tom Waits. This one is hard to classify.
67283      3434    280    03:36
8682      442    41    03:58
The jaunty bass line keeps this short piece moving at a solid pace, while the vibraphone and saxophones play the swinging melody, until the bright, thump of an ending. Use...
92080      5024    304    00:24
Instrumental music made for acoustic instruments. The style is very near to funk music composition, using saxophones, pianos, electric pianos and basses. The mood is happy and urban, and fits...
6040      295    33    01:31
The year is... I have no idea. Timeless. Could be now, could be in the 1950s. Super cool jazz for your hardcore detectives! Also useful for beat poets! Also useful...
89424      4686    415    03:46
3629      169    22    06:48
Noir. Private detective from the 1940's sort of feel.
36904      1717    168    00:59
The scene is set for a surreptitious heist or furtive affair. The fingered acoustic bass sounds woody and dark while playing against the light cymbals and the vibrant electric piano...
77965      4001    252    03:14
Sad and smooth; Think 1950's detective film.
33522      1659    160    02:54
Up-tempo 2-piano combo (with bass and drums). Dark in the choruses - lighter in the middle sections.
59822      2975    214    02:41
Nice little non-offending light jazz piece for vibes. Uncompressed AIFF version, along with solo tracks are <A HREF=" ">available for purchase here</A>. The purchase is media only; it is not...
72806      3776    242    04:28
Not sure what this is... Reminds me of a 1940's film... maybe a musical? Jazz combo with Fluglehorn, EP improv in the middle.
57251      2759    208    04:14
Fast-paced and frenetic, the acoustic bass plays in every register available to the instrument, while the drum kit is chaotic and harried. You know... Bebop.<BR>
43695      2165    207    03:01