"Jazz" music is a genre of music that originated in African American communities, particularly in the southern United States, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is characterized by its improvisation, syncopated rhythms, and use of various musical forms such as the blues and swing. Jazz music also features a wide range of instruments such as trumpet, saxophone, piano, bass and drums.

Jazz music is known for its improvisation which means that musicians play and create music on the spot, in the moment, without a previously written score. This improvisation is often based on the melody and chords of a song, but the musicians are free to add their own twists and turns to the music.

Jazz has evolved throughout the years and has many subgenres such as New Orleans jazz, swing, bebop, hard bop, cool jazz, modal jazz, free jazz, fusion jazz, and smooth jazz.

Jazz music has had a significant influence on various other genres such as rock, blues, and R&B, and it is known for its sophisticated harmonies, complex rhythms, and virtuosic musicianship. Jazz music is still an active and vital genre and many jazz musicians continue to push the boundaries of the music and create new styles and subgenres.

Free Jazz music

3k      112    22    01:54
Greetings from New Orleans
34k      1k    126    03:11
I say! It is such a lovely brisk day! Aren't the horses lovely? I mean... look at all the horseness they have! They are scoring quite high on the horse-o-meters today! Nothing bovine on this street, Nay! ... ... ... Wait... I was trying to make a joke involving a...
4k      157    21    03:53
20k      762    66    02:26
Off-center feeling film noir-like piece with a continually changing time signature. "Something is amiss on the streets. My job is to figure that out."
4k      136    22    01:44
The same as Dixie Dance, just a little faster and with a more up-to-date beat
28k      1k    130    02:54
Sad and smooth; Think 1950's detective film.
33k      1k    122    02:23
Written as a laid-back background for a film where a calming feel was needed.
23k      964    84    03:10
1960s club-style jazz. This pairs well with the White Russian cocktail and a Lucky Strike. Also pretty decent for establishing shots, and anything sci-fi that has a retro party.
20k      777    79    01:42
Ambient jazz piece! Put this in the background of mysterious, elegant content! This kind of music is very healthy for your brain.
44k      2k    134    02:32
Light and bouncy. A little electronica. A little jazz. For whenever you need jazzy electronica!
28k      1k    102    03:48
Slow 6/8. Did you ever get up in the middle of the night and wonder what would happen if you took a Spanish guitar player, tell them to do a ballad, and give them a tasteful jazz quartet? I did.
35k      2k    104    04:10
Do you eat dinner with no amuse bouche? Then you are not classy enough for this high energy background masterpiece. It exceeds all classiness classifications. It can seem cheery, but that's really just more classiness. The slightly lazy bass player? Classy.
3k      120    8    03:36
33k      1k    103    00:57
The electric piano alternates between playing the rhythm and creating a sliding melody, while trumpets sound in the background, sometimes stealing the melody. The percussion makes for a toe-tapping good time. This is useful for the closing segment of a TV show, game, or transition. Cleanly loopable.
28k      1k    101    02:39
A cool sort of background cop beat track. A full <A HREF="">uncompressed version of this piece is available here!</A>