"Lounge" or "Relax" music refers to a genre of music that is characterized by its soothing, easy-listening sound and its ability to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere. It is often associated with background music played in hotel lobbies, bars, and lounges, and on easy-listening radio stations. Lounge music often incorporates elements of jazz, exotica, and easy listening, as well as influences from various world music styles such as bossa nova, and it also can include electronic and downtempo.

Lounge music is known for its mellow, smooth sound, and its use of instrumental arrangements and orchestral arrangements. It also features vocals, but it's not the main focus of the music. Lounge music is designed to create a relaxing and soothing ambiance, and it is often used as background music for events such as dinner parties, receptions, and other social gatherings.

Lounge music has evolved throughout the years, many Lounge and Chillout subgenres have emerged such as Lounge Jazz, Lounge Pop, Lounge House, and more. This genre also can be used as a therapeutic tool to help people relax and unwind.

Free Lounge/Relax music

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Beautiful ambient music for love, romance, erotic, nature, wedding film, tutorials and much more.
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Instrumental acoustic positive music made for guitar, glockenspiel, piano, cello, violin and strings, ideal for optimistic and hopeful topics in films, tv series and nature documentaries. Also great for events and presentations.
13k      946    88    02:01
Instrumental track made for piano and strings. The music is sweet and mellow. The rhythm is moderate and it’s under the dynamics of the play of the piano. The style is very near to classical and the composition is based to a piano improvisation. The mood is calm, emotional and...
4k      284    38    02:53
Instrumental peaceful cinematic Christmas music composed for orchestra, bells, chimes and cello, ideal for quiet and relaxing Christmas scenes in Films, TV series, ads and promos. Also great as a background in spa, yoga and natural therapies.
17k      1k    128    02:18
Calm and melodic track. Perfect for corporate videos, commercials, presentations, tv advertising, radio podcasts, and much more. Instruments: Pluck, piano, pad, synth, drums, bass, fx. 4 versions included! (Extended license) 1. Medicine – 2:19 2. Medicine ver2 – 1:14 3. Medicine Loop 1 – 0:16 4. Medicine Loop 2 –...
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Original Soundtrack of the short movie "Romeos Erbe".
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Beautiful Waltz Music with Piano. Ideal for Nature, Romance, Chill out or Background Music.
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Instrumental music made for pianos and synth pads. The style is New Age and Ambient music, and the mood is calm with a point of sentimentalism. The play of the piano is emotional and expressive. This music fits perfect for healing and environmental calm and chill topics, in documentaries and...
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