"Lounge" or "Relax" music refers to a genre of music that is characterized by its soothing, easy-listening sound and its ability to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere. It is often associated with background music played in hotel lobbies, bars, and lounges, and on easy-listening radio stations. Lounge music often incorporates elements of jazz, exotica, and easy listening, as well as influences from various world music styles such as bossa nova, and it also can include electronic and downtempo.

Lounge music is known for its mellow, smooth sound, and its use of instrumental arrangements and orchestral arrangements. It also features vocals, but it's not the main focus of the music. Lounge music is designed to create a relaxing and soothing ambiance, and it is often used as background music for events such as dinner parties, receptions, and other social gatherings.

Lounge music has evolved throughout the years, many Lounge and Chillout subgenres have emerged such as Lounge Jazz, Lounge Pop, Lounge House, and more. This genre also can be used as a therapeutic tool to help people relax and unwind.

Free Lounge/Relax music

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This composition is made in the lo-fi style. A slow and calm melody, which combines piano notes with the sound of drums. This music is reminiscent of the soporific sound of an old train moving slowly along its sleepers. Relaxing and meditative melody. Ideal for background music, not distracting while...
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This composition is made in lo-fi style.The beautiful notes of the piano are complemented by the slightly rough sound of the saxophone and the sound of crackling fire in the fireplace, which creates an especially calm atmosphere. While listening to this track, you can move to a small house in...
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A smooth,laid back soul track.
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The song is made in the lo-fi style. Interesting percussion sounds combines well with the delicate piano. This music will captivate you and make you think about, how much is beautiful around, sunlight, flowers, nature, even cities and you are also part of it, you are beautiful. Ideal as background...
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Tremolo guitar, bass, percussion, tongue-in-cheek Somebody's dead and somebody did it. Or is the 'somebody' just missing and is currently sleeping under that far beach umbrella? Grade D detectives are on the scene to help muddle the evidence, misdiagnose the 'deceased' alleged stupor, accuse people involved in no way at...
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This is lofi music. The sad melody is complemented by percussive and pleasant piano sounds. Music creates a feeling of even movement as if you see cars driving one after another, dynamic movement of the road, but you are calm and this has its own romance. A good melody as...
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A Christmas angel flies with you through the night.
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A slow ambient,chill track.Ideal for;spa,meditation,relaxation etc.
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This composition is created in lo-fi style. The combination of piano with uniform calm drums creates an atmosphere of relaxation. This music is very sensual, it transports us to a waterfall, powerful, majestic, which moves without stopping, the water becomes more, which constantly nourishes the life of the waterfall, like...
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This is lofi music. Here the gentle and calm sounds of the saxophone are complemented by uniform percussion and electronic effects. Calmness and relaxation reign in this melody. This music takes us to a library, where we pass hundreds of shelves, looking for something special, as much information, there is...
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A slow,enveleping,ambient new age track.Very relaxing.
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A nice floaty downtempo track.Ideal for;travel and nature projects,voice over,relaxation etc.
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