"Musical music" is a term that can be used to refer to music that is written specifically for a stage musical or theater production, as opposed to music that is written for other purposes such as pop songs or classical compositions. This type of music often includes songs, dance numbers, and spoken dialogue, and is typically intended to be performed by actors and singers in a theatrical setting. Musical music often follows a specific narrative structure, with the songs and music being used to advance the story and develop the characters. It can be a combination of various music genres such as pop, rock, jazz, and even classical. This type of music is usually written by a team of writers, including a composer, a lyricist, and a book writer, who work together to create an integrated musical experience for the audience. Famous musicals include "The Phantom of the Opera", "Les Misérables", "The Lion King", "Hamilton" and many more. Musical music is a beloved art form that has been enjoyed by audiences around the world for decades.

Free Musical music

62k      3k    213    03:59
Just some beautiful ambient piano music. Perfect for all cozy, calm environments.
42k      2k    192    02:35
Impromptu. Bright and cheery, but never bubbly. It does change up into minor for a bit.
53k      2k    247    03:12
Think dark overgrown forest with overtones of magic in it. This one can loop perfectly - if you cut it right.
35k      2k    104    04:10
Do you eat dinner with no amuse bouche? Then you are not classy enough for this high energy background masterpiece. It exceeds all classiness classifications. It can seem cheery, but that's really just more classiness. The slightly lazy bass player? Classy.
71k      3k    300    03:12
Latin guitar music! Amazing what one guy can do with one guitar.
44k      2k    200    03:18
C major with a minor IV chord. Light background music that can serve so many purposes!
94k      4k    284    05:28
A pan-world percussion track. No melodies. Could be Australian, could be Indian, could be African, could be Chinese, could be Hawaiian. Probably Guamish. World music. Percussion only! Use as background music for you world'y content!
29k      1k    130    01:32
Long broad notes with a solo oboe. The title probably says enough.
6k      251    23    02:20
Painfull fight - could be the last one. Prepare to loose what you loved, prepare to die - or to win evrything!
20k      811    72    01:27
Light piece in 5/8 time with a Lydian subsection. Simple and effective piano melodies!
74k      3k    319    03:18
Hard to get more fun than this. Seriously, it is insane fun. You can <A HREF="">download this in uncompressed format here</A>! Comes with all parts isolated along with a dry export of everything in case you want to attempt your own mix.
25k      985    84    03:00
Plaintive and hopeful. Originally written for a musical, this piece got cut.
20k      789    94    01:19
Western-sounding piece written as an overture to a theatrical play. (themes stolen from an older piece of mine)
27k      1k    124    01:09
A fast deep unyielding sort of waltz-like-thing.<BR>
23k      839    112    00:52
A short, bouncy, medieval sounding piece with heavy use of Bouzouki and Hammer Dulcimer. Strings used in the background, main melody carried by Violin and Hammer Dulcimer.