"Musical music" is a term that can be used to refer to music that is written specifically for a stage musical or theater production, as opposed to music that is written for other purposes such as pop songs or classical compositions. This type of music often includes songs, dance numbers, and spoken dialogue, and is typically intended to be performed by actors and singers in a theatrical setting. Musical music often follows a specific narrative structure, with the songs and music being used to advance the story and develop the characters. It can be a combination of various music genres such as pop, rock, jazz, and even classical. This type of music is usually written by a team of writers, including a composer, a lyricist, and a book writer, who work together to create an integrated musical experience for the audience. Famous musicals include "The Phantom of the Opera", "Les Misérables", "The Lion King", "Hamilton" and many more. Musical music is a beloved art form that has been enjoyed by audiences around the world for decades.

Free Musical music

4k      139    9    02:28
Just Epic. Crowning of a mighty Queen. Perfect for powerful rising or battle. Even an intro for your epic Youtube channel. Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash. [95bpm /A-flat maj]
28k      1k    84    02:08
Horn Section with a couple of solos. Nice hook, and the upright bass is beautiful.
22k      748    57    00:58
Peppy yet easy children's music designed to be easy to make up a song to. Perfect for kids!
58k      2k    213    03:28
53k      2k    103    05:44
21k      542    60    00:39
The percussion and strings start off bright, but deceive you as they turn to a powerful minor key. The string bass plays a prominent role, interacting with and leading the treble to the sudden conclusion.
32k      512    42    02:57
Music for a vigil. Very relaxing. Hard to put a genre on it. Almost hymn-like?<BR>
31k      436    33    02:25
A sound track piece with Kit and Trombones/French Horns throughout. This piece includes sections from a public domain (librivox) reading of "The Second Coming."<BR> Remember! If you don't want the intro you can edit it out.