Pop music, short for "popular music," refers to a wide range of styles and genres that are popular and widely listened to by the general public. It is a genre of popular music that originated in the 1950s and encompasses a wide variety of styles and subgenres such as rock, electronic, hip-hop, country, and R&B. Pop music is characterized by a strong melody, simple harmony, and a focus on vocals. Pop songs are typically between 2 to 4 minutes in length and have a catchy chorus, repetitive structure, and simple lyrics which makes it easy for the audience to sing along. Pop music is often associated with commercial success and is considered to be more mainstream in comparison to other genres. It is considered as the most popular form of music around the world and is enjoyed by people of all ages.

Free Pop music

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Romantic dream-pop indie-pop song with guitars and sweet female vocals.
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A glitch is a short-lived fault in a system, such as a transient error that corrects itself, making it difficult to troubleshoot. The purpose of my work is to showcase my unconventional style of original Music.
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Let us go shopping for a brief moment with our regular gathering of people for the purchase and sale of provisions, livestock, and other commodities. The purpose of my work is to showcase my unconventional style of original Music.
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Steven Allan Spielberg is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter. A figure of the New Hollywood era, he is the most commercially successful director of all time.
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Bright and energetic music intro with a very positive mood. Perfect for logo reveals, opener, intro, broadcast, advertisements, websites, YouTube channels, Vimeo channels, vlogs, daily vlogs, corporate presentations, corporate videos, infographic videos, explainer videos, tutorials, slideshows, business videos, science and technology projects, startup videos, app promos, marketing videos, advertising jingle,...
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After being bitten by a genetically-altered spider, develops spider-like superhuman abilities to fight crime, facing villainous foes in the process.
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A happy flute melody is accompanied by synth (guitar-like) plucks, bass, and an energetic percussion section.
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Fast And Fun
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Come with me now and be inspired by Jules Verne and H.G. Wells.
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Innovating requires muted guitars. It says it right here in the employee manual! I'm serious...:)
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A cheerful piano tune with guitars and drums in a lively tempo. The extended license version has an extra, accompaniment track (bass, guitars). This can be useful as a background track in your video or podcast.
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Strings, piano and 80's vibe. For sport or advertising.
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This has a couple funny-sounding synths and plenty of whitespace. As a note to YouTube "producers"; 10 hours of this piece would be pretty mean. 1 hour of this piece isn't much better. For the sake of mankind, please do not make extended mixes of this piece. I can not...
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