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Aug/09 Mud Lake Films

Thanks for all the work that has gone into this service!

50.00 €
Aug/04 Mad Dog Studio

Guys, you are doing a great job! I use some of the music for personal videos. I hope more people will donate to your great efforts and music!

50.00 €
Aug/06 White Raven Studios

We are so thankful for this website! Thank you for all that you do.

20.00 €
Aug/04 Anonymous 20.00 €
Jul/25 Trafojer Andreas 20.00 €
Aug/06 Anonymous 15.00 €
Aug/05 Danivek


10.00 €
Aug/05 jflgray

Much thanks for your varied musical scores. Used for family videos.

10.00 €
Aug/03 Mr Chris Hislop 10.00 €
Jul/19 Jonas Schupp 10.00 €
Aug/09 Stabitha Cru'ktfinger

Thank you for this! You're gonna make my baby podcast sound awesome. The Goblin Fabulist, if you're interested, working on E1 now :)

5.00 €
Aug/03 Pixel Dev 4.00 €

Free Rock music

Even though my opinion is in fact worthless, this might be the best metal piece I've ever written. A huge diversity of bangin' riffs, in strange tempo signatures and "unnatural"...
7027      375    56    05:52
Instrumental music made for ukelele, piano, guitars and acoustic instruments. The mood is happy and fun, and the style is very close to child and folk music. The music starts...
3282      169    33    02:38
Originally written for lyrics. A melodic ballad with a few diverse parts. Very grooving and interesting, as well as melodious and relaxing. Inspired by some of my favorite bluegrass pieces....
7148      390    66    04:11
I really don’t know what this is. Oh wait, the title’s got it spot on.
7736      425    62    02:52
5468      321    32    02:17
Instrumental music made for pianos and guitars. The style is corporate and the mood is cheerful and happy. this music starts with guitars and piano playing the main notes of...
6369      398    36    02:30
996      55    9    05:21
3784      216    27    01:57
4052      210    36    03:19
The piano version of this song. Starts of very calm and relaxing and transcends into a big band blues piece. This is definitely one of my own personal piano favorites....
7034      377    53    04:11
A classical metal piece inspired by good ol’ thrash metal with a modern sound. Simple riffs with lots of atmosphere!
6621      355    55    02:59
4841      293    24    01:30
Instrumental music made for electric guitars, piano and acoustic guitars. The style is pop and soft corporate and the mood is uplifiting happy. This music fits perfect for corporate productions,...
5505      349    25    02:49
Powerful and energy-charged rock intro. Perfect for logo reveals, opener, intro, broadcast, advertisements, websites, YouTube channels, Vimeo channels, vlogs, daily vlogs, corporate presentations, corporate videos, infographic videos, explainer videos, tutorials,...
3973      182    42    00:18
Second version of Hollywood Hero. Epic Movie Music with Guitars and Rock Drums
1857      84    16    03:55