"World music" is a term used to describe music from various cultural traditions around the world. It often includes traditional music from Africa, Asia, and Latin America, as well as folk music from various countries. World music can also encompass fusion genres that blend elements from different cultural traditions. It's a broad and inclusive genre, which primarily focuses on traditional and ethnic music from non-Western countries. It often features elements such as traditional instruments, vocal styles, and rhythms that are specific to a particular culture or region.

One of the key features of world music is the diversity of cultures it encompasses. From the traditional rhythms of African drums to the intricate melodies of Indian classical music, world music offers a wide range of sounds and styles. It also includes a wide range of instruments, including ones that may be unfamiliar to Western listeners such as the kora, the sitar, and the didgeridoo.

World music is not just limited to traditional or folk music, it also includes contemporary and popular music from non-Western countries. For example, reggaeton from Puerto Rico, K-pop from South Korea, and Bhangra from India are all considered world music. This genre is often associated with the globalization of culture and the increasing interconnectedness of the world.

In addition to being a form of entertainment, world music can also serve as a powerful tool for cultural exchange and understanding. It allows listeners to experience the music, stories, and traditions of other cultures, and can help to break down stereotypes and promote cross-cultural understanding. As the world becomes more connected, world music will become an increasingly important form of cultural expression and exchange.

Overall, "World music" is a diverse and vibrant genre that encompasses a wide range of cultural traditions from around the world. It offers a glimpse into the rich musical heritage of different cultures and promotes understanding and appreciation of the world's many musical traditions.

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**You may get a notice from YT regarding copyright. Email me and I can whitelist** Sound travel to far east with world instruments - tabla, sitar, percussion, bells, shakers, synths Keywords: world, tabla, indian percussion, building, exotic, electric, rhythmic, open, vistas, mountains, hindu, indian, enchanted, summer, happy, atmospheric, cinematic, indie,...
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Another exciting guerrilla warfare planning meeting, and Parker didn't bring the coffee. I'm starting to annoyed with Parker more and more these days. Sure, the new "cape cod style" curtains look great in the mud blinds, but I'm not into the satin obelisk in the middle of our jungle huts.
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I made this track for my mum to use it in school with children and their activities. Thought it could be nice to share it here as well. Very easy rhythm and melody, kinda happy vibe, nice for starting playing with music at a young age.
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4 players. 4 big drums. This is more of an ingredient than a stand-alone piece of music. Serving suggestions: Add ambiance to your RPG. Spice up your next didgeridoo performance. Use as background beats for holiday caroling. Entertain with on-hold music for your telecommunications business.
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Meditation Tips: 1) Get comfortable. Maybe try sitting on a chair, or the ground. 2) Breathe. Why are you holding your breath? That won't help. 3) Relax. Stop fighting the bear. You two can fight later. 4) Close your eyes. Meditation is less effective if you have toothpicks holding your...
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Ramadan Is Coming Instrumental
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Fake marching band playing some repetitive and festive lines
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Slow groove percussion under an exotic melody.<BR>
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Short intro or outro. Usable for commercial advertising. Check out our complete series with over 100 intros and outros in every style and every tempo. Available at
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An atmospheric world fusion type.Very laid back and easy going.
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I composed this piece in 2015. For animation story intro.
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Fast, far east inspired, suspense tune with Chinese zither or Guzheng.
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