"World music" is a term used to describe music from various cultural traditions around the world. It often includes traditional music from Africa, Asia, and Latin America, as well as folk music from various countries. World music can also encompass fusion genres that blend elements from different cultural traditions. It's a broad and inclusive genre, which primarily focuses on traditional and ethnic music from non-Western countries. It often features elements such as traditional instruments, vocal styles, and rhythms that are specific to a particular culture or region.

One of the key features of world music is the diversity of cultures it encompasses. From the traditional rhythms of African drums to the intricate melodies of Indian classical music, world music offers a wide range of sounds and styles. It also includes a wide range of instruments, including ones that may be unfamiliar to Western listeners such as the kora, the sitar, and the didgeridoo.

World music is not just limited to traditional or folk music, it also includes contemporary and popular music from non-Western countries. For example, reggaeton from Puerto Rico, K-pop from South Korea, and Bhangra from India are all considered world music. This genre is often associated with the globalization of culture and the increasing interconnectedness of the world.

In addition to being a form of entertainment, world music can also serve as a powerful tool for cultural exchange and understanding. It allows listeners to experience the music, stories, and traditions of other cultures, and can help to break down stereotypes and promote cross-cultural understanding. As the world becomes more connected, world music will become an increasingly important form of cultural expression and exchange.

Overall, "World music" is a diverse and vibrant genre that encompasses a wide range of cultural traditions from around the world. It offers a glimpse into the rich musical heritage of different cultures and promotes understanding and appreciation of the world's many musical traditions.

Free World music

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A warm, soothing royalty free cinematic piece, with a soft piano, bells, flutes, harps, strings, and chimes, best for kids night scenes, animations, or endings.
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Check the Download Link Below ---> Desert Liaison (Instrumental)
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Epic Hollywood Western Music for Film, TV, Documentaries, Show and much more. This is the long version of my one player already published here.
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"Happy Calm Intro 08" is a soft and very melodic musical intro. The pleasant melody and airy atmosphere set the perfect tone for any project that aims to evoke a sense of calm confidence right from the start. Great for: corporate branding, technology demos, commercials, product launches, brand intros, webinar...
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Instrumental music composed for orchestra and folk instruments. The mood is positive and it’s very near to describe a medieval scene, maybe in a court of a king. This music can be very useful in films and TV series. Also for advertising projects about traditional and high quality products.
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Japanese traditional Music with Ambient Pads.
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Trap beat with very melodious flutey synth.
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2 Versions
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Muzak from a Latinx supermarket? Perhaps. Listening to it makes me crave plantains? Definitely. B-Roll from the Breaking Bad Soundtrack? Hey, if you say so, amigo.
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Check the Download Link Below ---> The Night (Instrumental) - SQLuna Royalty Free Music Label