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Piano, muted brass, strings, percussion The wheels of subversive heavy industry are grinding through the details. High rollers, high stakes, life and death decisions. Deals hammered out in back alleys and in the penthouses of super modern high rises. When the dominoes begin to fall, a cascade of violence will...
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electronics, effected guitars, drums, bass, ambient sounds, sound design. A troubling year, this. Locked inside, crazy stuff going on outside, unprecedented events. Palpable fear in the streets of Chicago this last summer. Paranoia. Constant political fighting and unrest. Who are my neighbors? They dont look at me or say hello...
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This piece is also pretty loud - it has some traditional chordal structures. Considerable pedal at times makes the piece murkier than the others. The second of a series.
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The piece is meant to be grainy, fuzzy Gif's to simulate the incessant chop of Hewy's and boo coo flak candy when I did the Nam era chore.
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REMIX 2.0 Van Helsing is in the world to rid all evil, even if not everyone agrees with him.
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Percussion, drums, cymbals, piano, brass. Pulse pounding workout music.
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Everything is goin' to hell down here in Texas... Sarcastic hard rock, krunch guitars, drums, electronics crazy, madness, police, riots, endtimes, horror, funny, fun, humor, satire, sarcasm, americans, texas, energy, metal, guitars, hard, power, haunted, scary, sci-fi, politics, cinematic, csi
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Just a light piano piece for linking scenes.<BR>
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An epic clash of genre that feigns coherence. Based on the Public Domain 1904 recording of "Ujangong (Mask Dance)" from New Guinea. But with a swing bass and slicing techno chunk in 3/4 time.
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Atonal, sure... but almost in the key of C... or C-sharp. No traditional harmonics, fast paced - but measured. The fourth of a series.
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Brass, percussion, timpani, shakers, suspense Theme for a political podcast, YT channel or controversy of your choosing. Photo courtesy of Jhefferson Santos -