Free aggressive music

16k      386    45    03:39
Too cool for school! This is a warm and refreshing, yet invigorating piece of 8-bit-like wonderfulness. Lots of modern blipping and bleeping once it gets going. I imagine this piece can be used in a lot of computer games about computer games. There's also a bunch of overdrive on "Level...
10k      241    14    04:37
Almost disco, almost techno, almost falls apart (but it doesn't). Dance, dance, dance. It feels like a piece that you'd kick off a party with. Lots and lots of bass. Solid 140BPM for mixing goodness.
19k      459    32    02:42
Dark and broody, this one starts thin, gets really muddy, and then releases to a faster clearer section. Where would I use this? No idea. I'm sure you'll think of something, though! You can <A HREF=>download this in uncompressed format here</A>! Download comes with individual tracks so you can make...
3k      68    9    03:26
14k      336    29    03:41
High energy distorted stringed instruments float above a tribal-type beat.
2k      18    8    01:48
24k      566    33    01:31
"Yak-Sized Piece of Grit That Flew Into My Eye, Causing 15 Seconds of Painful Disorientation" for oboe and pianoforte. Calm in beginning, then disorientation, with a textbook resolve.<BR>
2k      39    8    01:01
341      4    0    02:26
The ocean is the body of salt water that covers approximately 70.8% of the surface of Earth. It contains 97% of Earth's water containing 240,000 diverse species. Let us take a deep dive. The purpose of my work is to showcase my unconventional style of original Music.
20k      454    48    02:51
Triumphant and exuberant, this arcade groove is bright and perfect for retro games or humorous video content. Super fast J-Pop feel version.<BR>
174      2    0    03:21
20k      459    48    03:34
This is NOT a complete piece. It is only a sketch developed as a test for a stage production (repeated many times). If you only need a few seconds, it is fine. This is a hybrid of latin, greek, and R+B... as best I can figure.
14k      323    30    00:25
Slight slow down in tempo on the end.<BR>
413      9    4    05:33
32k      706    52    03:16
Simple grooving music. Not too much diversity.