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Free Calm music

Emotional cinematic track featuring warm cinematic piano and strings.
28224      2906    355    01:36
A chilled hip hop track,featuring an ethereal flute melody.
13771      1217    192    01:41
Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style is soundtrack music with some oriental influences. The mood is sentimental, positive and the play is expressive. This music is a perfect...
23391      2062    276    03:02
Instrumental positive ambient music made for electric piano, synthesizers and strings. Ideal for science and space documentaries, and Sci-fi movies. Also great for relaxing and peaceful topics in media projects.
16356      1276    228    03:05
Loopable happy light fluffy piece with bright flutes and a bunch of pizzicato strings. You can download an <A HREF="">uncompressed WAV format of this piece here</A> (in a lot of...
556243      50720    1810    02:05
Instrumental peaceful acoustic music composed for acoustic guitars, cello, violin, piano and glockenspiel, ideal for love scenes in films and tv series. Also great for nature documentaries, podcast and slideshows.
13380      1082    167    01:57
Piece written in that very common chord progression that gets stuck in your head. Frequently used in scenes and commercials where you want your audience to remember. Purchasing this gives...
24952      2043    294    01:31
Instrumental music made for piano and synthesizers. The genre is new age ambient and the mood is peaceful and positive. This music fits perfect for peaceful scenes in films, documentaries...
26610      2113    317    02:21
Instrumental and inspirational cinematic classical music composed for piano, orchestra, violin, cello and glockenspiel, ideal for dreamy and contemplative relaxed and positive scenes in films, tv series and nature documentaries....
3103      248    33    02:56
Dark, ambient, unsettling track with piano and wind effects. Great for horror/halloween, and works well with voiceover.
1429      110    16    02:08
45 seconds seamless loop instrumental peaceful electronic ambient music composed for synthesizers, piano, glocks and sound efx, ideal for relaxation, meditation, spa and yoga. Also great for contemplative and inspirational...
2008      151    24    00:45
Ambient medieval/fantasy piece. No major changes throughout the piece, which makes it perfect for loops! Fits well to games, dnd content, tabletop and mostly all kinds of fantasy content. Extended...
14623      1018    194    06:16
Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style and genre is Classical piano, inspired directly from romantic Chopin Compositions. The mood is romantic and calm, and the play is plenty...
8342      588    110    02:22
Quiet Medieval Music for Medieval Market, Film, TV, Games etc.
3042      190    45    02:20
Full Moon Lofi Vibes
5165      342    73    03:29