Free calm music

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Instrumental classical cinematic emotional music composed for piano, cello and violin, ideal for sentimental and contemplative scenes in films, tv series and historical documentaries. Also a great background for any vimeo, youtube, podcast, instagram and tik tok videos with sad, poignant and slow motion scenes.
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Instrumental pleasant and peaceful classical piano composition, inspired from 1700's classical piano composers, ideal for relaxing scenes in films, tv series, documentaries and nature, perfect for slow motion and restful situations in youtube, vimeo, tik tok and instagram videos and slideshows. Also great background for massage, yoga, spa and other...
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Calm and melodic track. Perfect for corporate videos, commercials, presentations, tv advertising, radio podcasts, and much more. Instruments: Pluck, piano, pad, synth, drums, bass, fx. 4 versions included! (Extended license) 1. Medicine – 2:19 2. Medicine ver2 – 1:14 3. Medicine Loop 1 – 0:16 4. Medicine Loop 2 –...
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Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style and genre is Classical piano, inspired directly from romantic Chopin Compositions. The mood is romantic and calm, and the play is plenty of expressiveness and emotional feelings. This music is a perfect background for romantic calm scenes in films, documentaries, advertising and...
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A lightweight house track with a light 80s touch. Click on the track to get the instrumental.
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Eternal World Dreamy Ambient Music, A felt piano music track Composed with instruments like Choir, Soft Piano, Pads and many ambient voices. This track has atmospheric dreamy ambient texture which sounds very emotional and sentimental. This music is perfect for many film projects, TV series, Short Videos, Sentimental and Romantic...
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Original Soundtrack of the short movie "Romeos Erbe".
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Ambient medieval/fantasy piece. No major changes throughout the piece, which makes it perfect for loops! Fits well to games, dnd content, tabletop and mostly all kinds of fantasy content. Extended license purchase includes file in .mp3, .wav and .flac.
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