Free dangerous music

690      51    8    01:19
1k      84    16    00:05
Cinematic trailer music with a powerful beat for epic projects, dramatic action movies or adventure videos, logo reveals for trailer projects, film promotional videos, or a cinematic opener. Instruments: Drums, bass, percussion, synth, fx
14k      991    152    01:49
Super energetic breakbeat with a burning guitar and fat bass. Synthesizers create motivating mood, punching drums give the speed and movement to victory! Perfect for commercials, dynamic slideshow, presentations, sports opener, sports intro, sport promo, sports broadcast, sports broadcast opener, fitness, workout, fighting, snowboarding, surfing, show, presentation, advertising, car, racing,...
3k      211    30    01:47
3k      178    32    01:03
A tense, intro musical theme.
16k      1k    150    01:59
A simple piece with a creepy vibe! Easy to loop. If you’re making scary content. This will enhance the scary feeling without doubt. Some of the techniques used in this song is proven to have an uncomfortable effect on our brain.
4k      276    51    00:37
An epic, straightforward introduction.
16k      908    95    00:55
You make Prank videos on Youtube or other channels? Then this is your perfect music.
21k      1k    247    04:14
This track was just a major experiment. I was trying to make something very suspenseful and intense without using too many instruments. I wanted it to be very ambient. If this piece is placed on top of a suspenseful scene I wanted the viewer to be caught in the suspenseful...
4k      246    28    00:24
6k      354    95    00:23
13k      882    165    01:52
Trailer music! Epic and easy to put on top of epic footage. And just long enough to fit the average trailer.
2k      110    5    02:15
6k      407    80    01:50
7k      447    64    05:32
Place this in the background if you want to scare your viewers! It’s just really uncomfortable from start to end. It doesn’t do anything special, other than enhancing this terrible feeling.