Free dangerous music

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My metal rendition of my favorite Christmas song, "Carol of the Bells". Be sure to check out my other renditions of this song as well! Purchasing the extended license will get you all three version (rock, metal and celtic) of this song in high quality, uncompressed formats.
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A good old fashion rock track with some 80s synths poppin in every now and then. Title is completely random, I just think it sounds cool.
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Place this in the background if you want to scare your viewers! It’s just really uncomfortable from start to end. It doesn’t do anything special, other than enhancing this terrible feeling.
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When there’s a spider crawling amongst the orchestra.
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Based on the two probes "Viking 1" and "Viking 2" focusing on Viking 1. Two successful probe launches, both equipped with a lander. Starts of very exciting with a hint of suspense, because every launch is. Viking 1 was shot up August 20th, 1975. The lander landed on Mars 11...
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Suspenseful cinematic track, perfect for trailers, suspenseful scener, or.... suspenseful trailers!
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When your epic story comes towards the end, you’re bound to have this intense action scene right before things start to look good again. This is probably when your bad guy dies. This music works well with that.
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As the name suggests. This is the rise of an Empire. A perfect piece for the homebase of your enemies. However - it has a touch of silly. I guess all German/Russian inspired music does. Oh no he didn’t.
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Suspenseful cinematic track, perfect for trailers, suspenseful scener, or.... suspenseful trailers!
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A simple piece with a creepy vibe! Easy to loop. If you’re making scary content. This will enhance the scary feeling without doubt. Some of the techniques used in this song is proven to have an uncomfortable effect on our brain.
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Someone is running away from someone else/something. Good things happen, bad things happen. Let’s hope it works out..
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