Free dangerous music

6k      300    67    06:20
Tense, atmospheric fantasy piece. Written in one chord. Open G. Perfect for background ambiance. Extended license purchase includes the music file in uncompressed .wav, .flac and .mp3.
895      58    7    02:40
7k      389    75    02:05
Powerful and energetic guitar track. Perfect for projects that need motivating music with attitude requiring a loud and proud soundtrack! Perfect for commercials, dynamic slideshow, presentations, sports opener, sports intro, sport promo, sports broadcast, sport broadcast opener, fitness, workout, fighting, snowboarding, surfing, show, presentation, advertising, car, racing, extreme, extreme sports,...
5k      246    49    02:20
For that scene when pirates are coming from space. What?
2k      83    21    02:20
11k      629    114    04:35
Perfect for your game, show, gameshow, movie, animation or podcast! Ambient sci-fi/space music that can be looped for infinity. Very mysterious and few changes.
8k      567    51    01:52
1 Version
3k      151    28    00:10
Big and dynamic sound! Great logo to start a big video! Perfect for action trailer, intro, video, movie, teaser, fps, sport, rhythmic, dynamic background, opener, typography, motivating commercial, podcast intro, etc. Instruments: Drums, synth, percussions, fx.
6k      321    74    01:38
Smoking colts, wild horse chases through the prairie ..... a cool Italo-Western soundtrack in the style of Ennio Morricone
9k      493    96    05:49
Circuits is a progressive metal piece with so many different riffs and sequences. If you're looking for royalty free progressive metal, I think you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for somewhere in this track. Everything is improvised "on-the-go" and there's no legitimate story here. Just a long line of...
2k      124    19    00:43
Fun and positive music in a retro style. Ideal for gaming projects or videos where you want to convey the atmosphere of the 80s. Great for futuristic videos, documentaries, high-tech projects, adventures, children's games where you need to run and collect bonuses. It can also be used for presentations, trailers,...
6k      323    66    04:04
Orchestral piece with uplifting elements. Goes into a darker mode towards the end. Stays suspenseful and interesting until the very end. Perfect for epic content!
5k      238    46    02:44
A simple dark medieval/viking piece. Great for ambiance! Still a few beautiful melodic lines that will engage your audience. It’s full of suspense and tension. I picture this playing right before a character dies.
1k      44    22    03:00
12k      648    113    03:06