Free dangerous music

834      22    6    01:15
15k      406    53    03:39
Sort of 8-bit retro video glitch. Excellent for a lightswitch rave! This piece loops perfectly. The uncompressed download comes in 140bpm and a super-hyped up 170bpm mix! You can <A HREF="">download this in uncompressed format here</A>. Download comes with individual tracks so you can make your own mixes.
14k      373    39    00:14
MIddle Eastern themed sting! With all the instruments to make it Middle Eastern
23k      611    51    03:29
A sort of funky, rocking, semi-swinging piece with enough dirt to make it cool. Like... jeans that were previously worn by coal miners that are sold in high-end stores.<BR><BR>This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.
551      7    5    04:02
19k      518    49    04:44
Piano looped digital electronica hybrid. This is very experimental, and with lots of unpredictable sound effects. Multipurpose piece!
15k      383    41    04:01
This piece is in a genre sort of made by an electronic instrument from Yamaha called the Tenori-On (though it was not made on one of them). It is a sixteenth note-quantized all-synth 4 bar repeated thing. Items are only added, never removed.
2k      64    13    01:51
Times To Rock
21k      541    35    02:00
Darkly plodding, this staccato piano piece is the tense setting for the classic silent film scene: the heroine is tied to the train tracks, the steam engine train plugging along towards her. The chug-a-chug feel is maintained by a tense hammering of the chords in triplets, depicting machinery or chaos...
57k      1k    95    03:05
Featured loops from DarkNES (whom I recently read about on Wikipedia!) Hey, man! Is that an Atoke? Hells yeah, its an Atoke! If I could choose of any shape of percussion - I’m going to choose "Taco-shaped percussion". There is no other feeling quite like beating your metal taco with...
15k      393    30    00:54
Dark Star is a orchestral fanfare featuring a rising motive led by the brass and strings. The piece builds gradually and finishes with a full orchestral climax.
1k      34    6    01:15
Mandolins, piano, percussion, electronics Wind picks up, debris tornados around you, winters chill is knives out. Events have transpired well beyond your control. Shelter now and hunker down to the bitter and bloody edge. Dramatic, dynamic, emotional, energetic, mandolin swarm, fantasy,flowing, intense, suspense, moody, mysterious, pulsing, bold, incisive
17k      449    44    00:41
A very short fugal theme. (3-part imitative counterpoint)<BR>
21k      540    60    00:39
The percussion and strings start off bright, but deceive you as they turn to a powerful minor key. The string bass plays a prominent role, interacting with and leading the treble to the sudden conclusion.
627      16    5    01:22
This can work as music for some kind of transition, loading screen or smt like that. Sounds electronic.