Free dangerous music

18k      474    41    02:55
Native American drumming. The branch rattle is reminiscent of thunder. Tempo picks up about halfway through.
5k      129    41    01:52
Brass, xylophone, percussion, bass Fast, manic, delirious, pulse pounding chase scene in music
2k      43    14    00:23
It should be tearing exciting? Then use these few seconds for your video.
3k      87    31    02:36
electronics, synth, sound design, percussion Hi-tech opening or closing credits song for dystopian, blade runner sci-fi series or game.
3k      73    21    02:40
Tremolo guitar, bass, percussion, tongue-in-cheek Somebody's dead and somebody did it. Or is the 'somebody' just missing and is currently sleeping under that far beach umbrella? Grade D detectives are on the scene to help muddle the evidence, misdiagnose the 'deceased' alleged stupor, accuse people involved in no way at...
2k      51    5    02:21
Piano, guitars, percussion, dirt, shadows Cool theme for sci-fi, crime or suspense short
12k      289    33    01:53
This music is the introduction to your characters entering a Middle Eastern village for the first time. The tribal drumming is all hustle and bustle, while the melody is winding, forceful, and unfamiliar.
1k      29    11    01:31
experimental piece with playful rhythms
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****Attention**** A third party has fraudulently registered this song in the YouTube ID system and anyone trying to use it for a new video will receive a copyright warning. I can get your video whitelisted and you will be free to use it if you contact me at Synths...
23k      562    42    01:26
Interesting hybrid of at least 3 traditions. For being plodding - it keeps up the intensity to a surprising degree.
17k      423    51    03:42
Unintelligible alien transmissions punctuate the entirety of this piece, while simple, distracted chords create an atmosphere of unease and wonder - beauty and discovery. The pace is quick, and the taiko drumming is foreboding and tribal, but the airy beauty of the chords is almost calming.
19k      477    32    03:08
I hesitate to assign a 'feel' to this because it is so exotic. It uses a 19 semitone scale which does not repeat at the octave. There are 9 semitones to a perfect fifth. The tuning is Wendy Carlos' "Alpha" scale. The piano strings are laid to horrible pain in...
16k      382    49    04:21
No, I don't know what this is. Same as Gypsy Shoegazer, but without the vocal parts... in case you want to add you own vocal parts. Sheet music for the voices <A HREF="/m/c/royalty-free/sheetmusic/Gypsy%20Shoegazer%20Vocal%20Notes.pdf">available here</A>.
5k      122    24    03:38
The beat of the Track "ElderSong". ElderSong was produced as part of a charity event. Full Track(German): Enjoy!