Free dangerous music

11k      316    28    02:54
Interesting mallet-only section in the middle that sort of has a dreamy-yet earthy feel to it.
18k      521    54    00:26
An interesting section of Danse Macabre from around measure 145. There is a particularly nice viola trill with ornament.
26k      737    49    00:18
A grooving sting featuring percussion and low staccato strings.<BR>
20k      584    56    00:52
African-influenced short piece with continuous accelerando.
29k      828    77    00:17
Diminished chords, tremolo You'll recognize them. This piece is only as long as it needs to be.
14k      399    55    00:20
Loopable small composition reminiscent of North American traditional music.
17k      495    52    00:57
Starts with cellos, adds horn, clarinet, English horn, contra-tuba - to a final sustained chord. Slow. Thin yet satisfying.
11k      311    26    04:18
Quiet solo piano in 3 parts with additional percussion bit adding in more and more to the end. My normal "feels" that are used to classify pieces are largely inadequate for this piece, as are the genres. In other words... I have no idea what this is.
15k      424    37    03:02
Slow fade in with source recordings from a carnival, leading to a clean sharp synth and round synth. Tubular bells and glock add interest later.
18k      495    53    03:20
Harsh yet simple piece. The main theme was played with a wiimote, so don't expect too much expression! Extra interest kicks in at 1:35.<BR>
11k      304    18    01:58
Very slow piece featuring bass clarinet with a couple of backing double basses.
15k      415    53    03:39
Sort of 8-bit retro video glitch. Excellent for a lightswitch rave! This piece loops perfectly. The uncompressed download comes in 140bpm and a super-hyped up 170bpm mix! You can <A HREF="">download this in uncompressed format here</A>. Download comes with individual tracks so you can make your own mixes.
37k      1k    99    03:45
Electronic/world music hybrid with mystical elements.
20k      529    50    04:44
Piano looped digital electronica hybrid. This is very experimental, and with lots of unpredictable sound effects. Multipurpose piece!
14k      377    41    00:14
MIddle Eastern themed sting! With all the instruments to make it Middle Eastern