Free dangerous music

27k      565    63    03:13
Player One Up! Ready! Go! Health 100%. Weasel Gun Equipped. This is sort of how I imagined 80s electronic music people tried to copy the distorted guitars of the day, but with 8bit sound sources. It doesn't sound like guitars at all, but it does sound like people trying to...
28k      584    45    00:55
Lots of strings, a couple of winds carry the interest offset by a glockenspiel. 7-4 time. Slow and unnerving.
16k      328    34    01:50
Bach's 3-part invention with a hip beat and bass. The notes are all Bach's, but are not all in the correct order.<BR>
18k      351    19    06:29
Highly processed and oddly played piano makes up the harmonic base of this piece. Sort sort of ticking clock thing... This is a brash mix, but probably not as bad as you think!<BR> This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.
29k      535    38    01:40
This piece is also pretty loud - it has some traditional chordal structures. Considerable pedal at times makes the piece murkier than the others. The second of a series.
183k      3k    139    04:40
Featuring the genuine Nordic Metal talents of Alexander Nakarada.
41k      632    73    00:25
Just a light piano piece for linking scenes.<BR>
30k      464    35    00:38
Atonal, sure... but almost in the key of C... or C-sharp. No traditional harmonics, fast paced - but measured. The fourth of a series.
30k      414    32    01:08
Very loud and very discordant. Uses halves of the piano alternately. The first of a series.
25k      337    33    04:20
A driving electronic piece. Kit is dominant throughout the piece. Choir has brief moments about 55 secs in, and re-emerging for a heavier role towards the end half of the piece.
415      1    2    02:34
"And the thing about a shark is he's got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll's eyes."
900      2    2    02:36