Free dangerous music

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My metal rendition of my favorite Christmas song, "Carol of the Bells". Be sure to check out my other renditions of this song as well! Purchasing the extended license will get you all three version (rock, metal and celtic) of this song in high quality, uncompressed formats.
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Some simple melodic minimal techno. Very relaxing, and doesn’t steal too much attention, but it’s still very mesmerizing listening to. It has some really cool different parts but takes a darker turn at the end.
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The 80s are back. Cool 80s Soundtrack that brings back the feeling for old US films and series.
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Starts off very dramatic, fast and epic. Ends in some sort of Russian-epic-style-thing(what?)Very much rhythm and suspense!
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A simple dark medieval/viking piece. Great for ambiance! Still a few beautiful melodic lines that will engage your audience. It’s full of suspense and tension. I picture this playing right before a character dies.
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Come Closer is a mystical melodic piano piece that was originally placed in the middle section of my metal album Origin. It has rock elements, but is in general really depressive. Perfect for drama.
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Instrumental music made for piano and synthesizers. The style is electronic ambient music and the mood is upbeat suspenseful. This music is a perfect background for corporate and advertising projects, also for productions with suspenseful futiristic and mysterious tòpics
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Epic cinematic metal piece with beautiful melodies and harmonies! Don't be afraid to use metal in your content! It's usability is more diverse than you'd might think.
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Based on the two exploring rovers Spirit and Opportunity. Two rovers that has seen the beauty and the cruelty of the Red Planet. Spirit stayed active until 2010 and Opportunity might still be alive. A piece that starts of dramatic, but goes into a very epic, sci-fi synthesized part towards...
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My second dark soundtrack. It was written for the titles of an audiobook.
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