Free elegant music

41k      2k    195    01:29
Middle Eastern atmospheric, sort of chill. This piece is easy to loop.
88k      5k    302    02:58
J. S. Bach. This is the famous first piece of the Well Tempered Clavier, Book 1. Performed on piano. Very clean recording.<BR>
63k      3k    314    03:40
Sort of exciting and sort of spooky in that fairy tale sort of way. This is one of my favorite pieces of late. Good interplay of instruments. You can listen to this one over and over. Handy, because it does loop back to the beginning. Major build starting at 1:50...
34k      2k    166    02:54
Sad and smooth; Think 1950's detective film.
45k      2k    190    02:42
When I think of Cuba, I think of one thing; Nickel mines! Moa, Cuba (aka "The Sudbury of the Caribbean") has had Canadian assistance in its mining for quite some time now. From what I can tell, it is much better for Canadian companies to poison far-away water than Canadian...
114k      6k    442    03:02
Funky cinematic, grooving, something? Check out that bass line though.
56k      3k    238    03:23
A simple tour through every major key in order. Arpeggiated with some connecting melodic notes.
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318      4    0    00:12
"Technology Glitch Logo 01" is a modern and technological logo with light percussion and a glitchy synthesizer. Great for: corporate branding, technology demos, commercials, product launches, brand intros, webinar and podcast intros, training videos, promotions, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency overviews, startup presentations, tech demos, educational content, documentary intros, and more. Instruments:...
565      7    1    04:31
School Memory is a flute instrumental music single. Included same name music soundtrack. Music inspiration came from children studied in the schooldays attended lessons. They have unforgettable school memories while learning with classmates and teachers around.
647      8    1    00:57
An up-tempo, three-voice classical fugue in Eb major for solo piano-keyboard.
49k      2k    157    05:23
This is the music playing at the slightly-too-nice cafe - while you pretend to be rational while discussing who gets to keep which snakes in the divorce. I mean, the snakes don't really seem to care... they just hang out in the drawers most of the time. And you kind...
45k      2k    140    03:26
111k      5k    570    02:48
Super easy-going background made with sharp synths contrasted by washy synths.
36k      2k    164    04:10
Going to the grocery store? Need a theme for that? Maybe you've got a swank cocktail party that needs some swank music? All of these things are possible and more with this upbeat organ-based piece! You can <A HREF="">download this in uncompressed format here</A>. Download comes with individual tracks so...
70k      3k    426    01:46
Tchaikovsky's famous dance from the Nutcracker Suite.