Free elegant music

11k      392    34    02:19
Dark electronic piece with piano carrying the interest.
36k      1k    94    02:56
More subdued bassline, and some fun glockenspiel action. Some synth drum hits.
25k      842    65    03:01
A floor thumping modern take on the meringue. Horns, guitar, piano, and a pile of percussion.
14k      477    29    03:34
Starts off strong with bass, kit and flute. Flute taking melody throughout the piece. Bass and kit in the background throughout, however bass is prominent over kit.
59k      2k    214    03:28
23k      738    74    00:30
This is notable in that it was the last completed piano piece Beethoven ever wrote. Thanks to the Unheard Beethoven people for their great work on uncovering these lost pieces!
19k      591    66    00:21
Thematically, a small section of "Danse Macabre" - but with good motion.
39k      1k    113    02:33
Funky drum machines? Yes, please! Also a killer bass line. This is both big and fun... kind of like the Paul Bunyan Experience... if Paul Bunyan were hip. Unlike most of my tunes, this one has an actual ending! Uncompressed download comes with all the parts to make your own...
19k      600    52    04:10
A driving funk piece that is sometimes distorted because it plays with clashing grooves. EP prominent throughout the entire piece. Kit mainly in the background. Horn section accompanies EP in several places, however is not used equally throughout.
139      1    1    00:22
The slow, good-natured, light melody of the piano. Positive and inspiring melody will evoke bright feelings and beautiful emotions. Great for corporate videos, commercials and presentations.
10k      325    32    00:44
Various 2-4 second stings based on "Modern Jazz Samba".<BR>
21k      650    77    01:25
Ranz des Vaches or "Call to the Dairy Cows" is a small but famous section of the overture to William Tell by Rossini. It is most often used to depict morning or sleepiness in cartoons. Hook starts at 0:21.
931      7    1    02:14
And the waters rose, rose, and finally, we only had sky and sea for horizon...
2k      34    7    01:32
Eine Mixtur aus verschiedenen Styles: Jazz, Rock, Funk ... Beginnt mit einem 7/4-Takt und wechselt zu 5/4, 4/4 ... Tonartwechsel sind auch am Start. A fusion of different styles: Jazz, rock, funk ... Starts with a 7/4-bar and changes to 5/4, 4/4 ... Key changes also included.
20k      488    48    00:15
Just a small section of quiet fast playing strings from "Danse Macabre".