Free relaxed music

1k      76    25    02:21
Instrumental classical cinematic romantic music composed for piano, violin, strings and viola section, ideal for love and emotional scenes in films, tv series and documentaries. Also a great background for nature and other sentimental situations in podcast, youtube and vimeo videos and social media images and clips.
14k      922    108    04:01
5k      311    31    03:42
2k      162    23    01:49
Instrumental sad and relaxed classical music composed for piano solo, ideal for sentimental, sad and mournful scenes in films, tv series and documentaries. Also a great background for any productions with this kind of melancholic and poignant moods.
2k      153    25    02:55
Gentle soothing dreamy background Music. Ideal for Nature, Love, Eroticism, Mourning, Dreaming and much more.
1k      81    18    03:29
Beautiful soft emotional Background Music with Piano, Strings Choir and a gentle Horn. Ideal for Love, Eroticism, Nature, Memories and much more.
2k      130    20    01:55
Instrumental classical cinematic emotional music composed for piano, cello and violin, ideal for sentimental and contemplative scenes in films, tv series and historical documentaries. Also a great background for any vimeo, youtube, podcast, instagram and tik tok videos with sad, poignant and slow motion scenes.
19k      1k    156    03:56
8k      494    60    03:18
4k      265    43    02:23
Beautiful Acoustic Guitar Music for Love and Romance Scenes, Image Film, Beauty and Health, Social Media, Tutorials, Nature, Summer and much more.
2k      124    22    03:31
Relaxed Piano Music with Cello, Choir effects and soft reverb Drums. Ideal for Nature, Love, Erotic, Background music or just to chill.
13k      969    203    02:16
Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style is a background classical waltz and the mood is sentimental and a little bit melancholic. The mood is quiet but steady. This music is a perfect background for scenes with some sentimental and calm topics in films, series and other projects with...
2k      142    24    01:29
Instrumental pleasant and peaceful classical piano composition, inspired from 1700's classical piano composers, ideal for relaxing scenes in films, tv series, documentaries and nature, perfect for slow motion and restful situations in youtube, vimeo, tik tok and instagram videos and slideshows. Also great background for massage, yoga, spa and other...
14k      1k    98    02:01
Instrumental track made for piano and strings. The music is sweet and mellow. The rhythm is moderate and it’s under the dynamics of the play of the piano. The style is very near to classical and the composition is based to a piano improvisation. The mood is calm, emotional and...
6k      441    63    02:27
Instrumental uplifting easy corporate music composed for muted guitars, strings, piano, acoustic guitars and glock, ideal for commercials, backgrounds and ads.