Free relaxed music

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A sort of drone-based piece with something that sounds like a waterphone, and some other things that I don't know what they could be. Super chill - good amounts of tension with some glorious consonants.<BR>
25k      859    95    07:03
A slow, trance-inducing piece of minimalism with a touch of melody in parts.
591      10    1    01:24
Upbeat strings for advertising or adventure.
594      10    1    03:20
Another work in which you can use history, any fantasy. Or just listen and imagine how nature wakes up with birds singing vocals. But clouds come with wind, rain and thunder. But nothing is eternal and the clouds go away, and the singing of nature returns. Everyone can create their...
13k      425    42    03:42
Very simple polyrhythms and polymelodies. <BR> This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.
606      10    3    03:39
My 1st new track for 2023...It works with whatever lol Have at it!
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This is lofi style music. The calm sounds of the drums are well complemented by the voice and motivational music of the piano. This track creates good vibes and a good mood, a cute song that makes you think of something nice, and that will add cute to your day....
14k      482    48    00:49
Thanks to the Unheard Beethoven people for their great work on uncovering these lost pieces! This piece is ca. 1803.
4k      141    14    01:18
Nice and simplistic game music loop. Perfect for your next upcoming RPG game. Use it for the magic forest or why not the sleeping castle? Has a nice dreamy fairy feeling too it. Photo by JJ Jordan on Unsplash. [98bpm / D-flat maj]
17k      553    74    06:45
The constant reverberating sound of rain and the perfect-fifth drone of the strings are calming, but have an air of suspense and tension about them, as if a drama is about to unfold. The koto plays a near continuous refrain, at times forcefully. Evoking pre-colonialist East Asia, the piece is...
3k      89    10    02:20
A slow ambient,chill track.Ideal for;spa,meditation,relaxation etc.
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7k      249    26    01:50
Nice piece for a narrative voice-over of good times past, present or future.<BR>
30k      989    92    03:39
You know what's cool? A standpipe in the winter. I imagine this one with a hip mustache and a plaid beret. Enough of the imagery, this is a little downtempo chill piece with lush horn punctuation. Suitable for: walks in the rain, time-lapse videos, sad cooking shows. You can <A...
41k      1k    108    03:03
Very easy-going piece for acoustic steel string guitar and classical guitar. Second A section includes deep and soft piano.<BR>