Free relaxed music

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This is lo-fi music. Uniform percussion is successfully combined with electronic effects and complemented by vocals. This music has certain oriental notes and transports us to the calm and chill headwaters of the sea, where on one side the empty sea, and on the other the stormy Tokyo city, but...
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Sort of dance, sort of jazz.
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This is a longer version of the very popular "Somewhere Sunny". Simple, clean guitar duet.
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A soothing,meditative piece.Ideal for relaxation and recovery.
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This is music in chillhop style. The beautiful mystical vocals are successfully combined with the motivational sounds of the piano and even percussion. This music has a pleasant and atmospheric sound, creates the impression of the presence of something supernatural in our lives, something that can not be explained, only...
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A warm,gentle acoustic track.Ideal for;voice over,nature,reading,craft and hobby videos etc.
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A laid-back chill, and chilling piece. Hard to put a genre on it, but I can picture it in a huge variety of content.
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Starts more synthy ends more organic.
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A nice floaty downtempo track.Ideal for;travel and nature projects,voice over,relaxation etc.
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This composition is made in the lo-fi style. The meditative sound of the guitar combined with drums and piano creates a relaxing atmosphere. In this music there are notes of oriental motifs, which transports us to a beautiful and quiet garden, where you can hear only the sound of the...
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Sort of a cooler, driving piece. Lots of space in this piece to make it your own. I don't mean "make it your own" in that sort of way you do where you mark all the pancakes on your plate with your signature so you can tell if someone switched...
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A light, but already such autumn, almost winter melody, this free lofi type beat love me say so, is already so cold, but so I want someone to be around who will warm-up. I walk the cool streets with a cup of hot coffee, and this love me beat is...
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A tranquil,new age,relaxation track.Ideal for;spa treatment,meditation etc.