Free relaxed music

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Chill Night
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Half cinematic, half electronic relaxing/suspenseful game music! Perfect for your 2D platformer.
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This is lofi style music. The calm sounds of drums and piano are complemented by an angelic voice, which creates an atmosphere of relaxation. This track captures and creates a feeling of soaring over the ocean, where you can see only the steady oscillation of the waves and the calm...
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Do you have enough 1990's space music in your collection? Probably not. If you're unclear what 1990s pace music is, just take a listen. A slightly different mix is also available at a faster tempo.
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"We make real handmade music and everyone else is talent-free" - this is the favourite sentence of some rock bands. So far, so normal! But do you know them, those typical sociopathic narcissists who have to tell this to everyone on the internet? People who are so horny for recognition...
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A friendly,mellow acoustic track.Great for all commercial and personal projects.
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Well, this is interesting... Smooth sine bass contrasted with a lovely excited drum machine and then... the magic! Genre bending magic! You're a cool kid right? This is for you. You're welcome. Think 'trap' meets 'R&B' meets 'shoegaze' meets some other genre that is SO COOL there isn't even a...
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I chose the sound palate, and then assembled the piece without listening to it. The interesting bit is that it was assembled visually - looking at the waveform profiles. This is my first one, and the sound selections are all amiable. I am unsure of the genre. Trance?
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Uneven foreboding short cue, winds play opposite strings.
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This is NOT a complete piece. It is only a sketch developed as a test for a stage production (repeated many times). If you only need a few seconds, it is fine. Squaky-talky EP on the bass and melodies.
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Super-sappy well-executed little theme. Really opens up at 38 seconds.
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A smooth ambient chillout track.Ideal for many types of projects.
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We start with a repeating music box theme. The cello recontextualizes the simple music boxes providing a surprising and comforting bed for the low trumpet to sing over. </musicologist ramblings> HELLO, HOLIDAY DANCE RECITALS! There is a shorter version of this available... because holiday dance recitals.
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Grungy sounding early reggae type groove. This piece is also available in a faster 90 beats per minute version. You can purchase the full uncompressed version of this piece <A HREF="">here</A> along with the individual parts in wav format.
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Sieh nur, wie niedlich es in seinem Bettchen liegt und mit seinem Mobile ... jetzt ist es eingeschlafen :-) Look how cute he is, lying in his crib and playing with the mobile ... Oh, now he's fallen asleep :-)