Free relaxed music

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A slow,enveleping,ambient new age track.Very relaxing.
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The track is filled with freshness, as after rain and sadness, calm gentle instrumental lofi, where vocal inserts are accompanied by a beautiful piano and lo-fi drums. You listen to this music and it's like standing and looking at the dawn, a wonderful moment, and you don't want to let...
465      12    6    01:52
Another serene track for all your meditation,yoga and relaxation needs.
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This track is made in lo-fi style, the drums are perfectly combined with calm guitar notes. This music is both slow and calm and seems to help you be decisive, to make decisions in your life, the guitar seems to sing that everything will change when you make a decision...
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This piece is in a genre sort of made by an electronic instrument from Yamaha called the Tenori-On (though it was not made on one of them). It is a sixteenth note-quantized all-synth 4 bar repeated thing. Items are only added, never removed.
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If clouds themselves hold the secret, then the secret must be moisture. Remember to hydrate!
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Until the world is captivated by Christmas songs, a little more warm winter tracks. it's about a girl I've never met, a perfect, dream girl, everyone has one. This music makes you think, maybe we don't need such a girl, we are always looking for an ideal, but we just...
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This track is made in the lofi style. A light sad piano melody combines perfectly with even percussion and unobtrusive voice. This song seems to transport us to the spring period, birds are chirping, trees are blooming, everything around is waking up from hibernation, a pleasant feeling of new life....
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A mellow,lofi, chillout track.Slightly gritty in nature,this would be ideal for;games,tech,travel,podcasts etc.
11k      275    14    01:05
Solo electric bass with added chorus effect. Nice, round and (of course) low.
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A piece in two parts. Slow piano intro, and then a giant power section at 1 minute 50 seconds in. Written for an animation piece.
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The sounds of rain, notes of sadness, a wonderful piano, all intertwined in a gentle melody for the soul. This music inspires that the illusion of rain and sadness appears in our lives and disappears, but after the rain always comes inspiration, elation, a personal rainbow.
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A relaxed,chilled funky track.Suitable for both corporate and personal projects.
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Small calm transition; descending wind ensemble blending to ascending string ensemble. Short, and efficient!